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Top 10 Most Comfortable Earbuds 2018

It can be very confusing when it comes to picking the most comfortable earbuds. Here is a guide to your earbud purchase.Headphones are of different sizes and shapes. The standard earphones or especially in-ear types are often very uncomfortable and lack cushioning. With the different shape of headphones, our ears are also of different shapes. Earbuds will help you close the gap between having to choose a suitable headphone depending on your shape of the ear. To hear the sound clearly and comfortably picking the right kind of earbuds is a must.

Choosing the Most Comfortable Earbuds

Know the shape of your ear

Earbuds are of varying sizes. Each person has his or her choice. Make sure it fits right into your ear and doesn’t fall out. Try the earbuds out and note the size. The earbuds come in three-four sizes depending on the brand. Avoid picking a larger size as it will keep falling off making it difficult for you to sit through and entire song without having to adjust at all.

Silicone or foam or rubber

Foam being a very cheap option, often they become overused and tear off easily. Also, if you use earphones while gymming, sweat becomes another hazard for foam earbuds. Therefore, the market has become overloaded with silicone earbuds that give cushioning just like the foam buds and are also water-resistant. The silicone increases the durability of the buds and can be used in the long run without having to replace again and again. Whereas silicone may seem like the best option but it’s often hard to clean them, in that case, rubber-tip earbuds are more suitable and reliable as well. Rubber-tip earbuds are a cheaper option.

Fitting – Tight or Loose

Usually, earbuds settle around your ear comfortably. The rubber tip helps you get a grip so that the earphone doesn’t slip off. Make sure that you check for these details while trying on your pair of comfortable earbuds. This will ensure, and most of the sound is not heard outside.

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Most Comfortable Earbuds Review Score
Symphonized NRG 3.0
(Editor’s Choice)
Sennheiser CX 300 II 9.8
Bose SoundSport
(Personal Favorite)
Sennheiser IE80
(Amazing Performance)
Most Comfortable Earbuds 9.3
Skullcandy Method 9.1
Shure SE425-V
(People’s Choice)
Uiisii Us90 9.0
MAXROCK Soft Silicon Super Comfortable 8.9

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Most Comfortable Earbuds 2017

1. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds are a type of earphones, but these earphones have a quality which differentiates it from other earbuds, which are the material from which it is made up of. It is made up of wood and wood has always played a vital role in music. A lot of musical instruments are made up of wood. The sound quality of these earbuds is unmatchable, and these are one of the best comfortable earbuds.

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds are made up of wood, and these earbuds are one of the best noise isolating earbuds. The bass of these earbuds is adamant and deep, and the sound is very powerful and crisp. The ear tips of these earbuds are available in three different sizes. These earbuds have a chord which is available in various colors. These earphones are compatible with all devices, whether Android phones or iPhones or iPad or tablets or desktops or Mac.


  • Deep Bass: Bass provided by these earphones is unyielding and deep due to which it is liked by everyone.
  • Natural Sound: The sound quality of these earphones is unmatchable. It seems completely natural.
  • Comfortable in ears: The ear tips of these earbuds are available in three different sizes, so these earphones are comfortable with people of any ear sizes. So, these earbuds are one of the comfy earbuds present in the market.
  • Reasonable price: The price of these earbuds is entirely reasonable.
  • Clear voice: When you are talking on the phone with these earphones, then these earphones offer entirely clear speaking and listening voice.
  • No distortion: These earbuds do not provide any distortion while they rub against your clothes.


  • Heavy: These earbuds are made up of wood. So, these are comparatively heavier than the other ones.
  • Design: The design of this product is not much attractive. So, these are not for them who like to buy excellent electronic products.

Final Comment

These earphones are the same as defined above. Just try them once, and you would not like to switch the product.

2. Sennheiser CX 300 II

The Sennheiser CX 300 II is one of the best earphones available in the market, and the reason behind this are its excellent qualities. These earphones have a beautiful sound quality, one of the best earbuds because of the availability of its different sized ear tips, strong and deep bass, and the stylish look. These earphones have an excellent noise isolating quality.

The quality of speaker of these earphones is extremely good. The cable of these earphones is asymmetrical, which helps in the reduction of cable clutter and tangles. The ear tips of these earphones are available in different sizes which make them very comfortable. These earphones also include a carrying pouch. Bass of these earphones is also extremely strong and deep.


  • Lightweight: These earphones are seriously very lightweight. Just handle them one and you will feel the difference.
  • Good Bass: The bass of these earphones is incredibly robust and deep which makes it worth buying.
  • Stylish: The style of these earphones is very attractive. Normally earphones have a lot of qualities, but very less of them are stylish, and these earphones are one of them. So, these earphones are a pack of both quality and look.
  • Comfortable: The ear tips of these earphones are available in different sizes. So, these earphones are comfortable for people with any size of ear.
  • Quality Sound: The quality of the sound of these earphones is exquisite. You will hear a very clear and natural sound.


  • Duplicates: A lot of duplicates of these earphones are available in the market. So, you need to first carefully check for its originality, then only go for it.

Final Comment

These earphones are a perfect piece for any music lover. But duplicate of these earphones are also available and even in large number. So, you need to be careful before buying them. You must check for its originality carefully before buying it.

3. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

Bose SoundSport in-ear headphone is a comfortable and sweat resistant headphone that comes with an elegant design. The Bose SoundSport headphone comes with an inbuilt microphone and remote. It offers amazing bass balance and sound quality. As compared to previous versions of in-ear headphones launched by Bose, the SoundSport in-ear headphone comes with a useful sweat resistant feature. This headphone is ideal for those who indulge themselves in daily exercises while listening to great music like jogging, calisthenics, gym, etc. Also, Check Best Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones.

Bose SoundSport come with a great sound quality, but what makes stand out of the crowd is the appealing design and the sporty look. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones are available for both iOS and Android versions. These headphones come in different colors. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphone is different from their predecessor earbud style headphones. Bose has designed their Sound Support headphone in an in-ear-style that is open and more comfortable as compared to the previous versions. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones come with a medium sized cable that is not too short or long and is the length is perfect for sports activities.


  • Resistance: Water/sweat resistant headphones.
  • Quality and price: Good and clear sound quality. Perfect Bass balance. Comes at affordable prices.
  • Comfortable and safe for ears: It’s open bud design, and top level volume have been kept moderate (not too high) that won’t damage your ears.
  • Suitable for hiking and running: As this product lets you enjoy music plus it keeps your ears open out for traffic as well.


  • Noise cancellation: Bose SoundSport in-ear headphone lacks the noise canceling €˜QuietComfort’ technology, which makes it less useful in a bit noisier places.
  • High-pitch issue: Not an appropriate gadget for those who love to listen to high-pitched songs.

Final Comment

Bose SoundSport in-ear headphone is an innovative product that comes with sweat resistant features plus open bud design. This headphone is suitable for those who like to listen and enjoy low-pitched and sweet music during their workout.

4. Sennheiser IE80 Earbuds

Sennheiser IE80 Headphone is a uniquely designed high-quality headphone that comes with a powerful bass with superior and clear sound quality. The earpiece comes in a metal covered frame that gives away a rugged and tough quality look. Sennheiser IE80 Headphone comes with a medium-sized cable that has a 2-pin connector, and this cable is also detachable.

One of the cool features that Sennheiser brings in their IE80 Headphone is the bass dial. These base dials are located at the back of the earpiece. They are adjusted using a little screw that comes within the product box. Also, the interchangeable cable gives you more flexibility in case if anything goes wrong with the original cable, you can always replace it with a new one. The amazing sound clarity offered by Sennheiser IE80 Headphone differentiates it from the rest and its predecessors. For someone who loves high bass and top-notch sound quality, this gadget is what they are looking for.  Sennheiser IE80 Headphone comes a bit higher as compared to other headphones in the same niche, but the sound quality it offers is worth the price.


  • Clarity and access: Great Sound output and clarity. Works with both iPhones and Android devices
  • High volume: It offers high volume along with quality as compared to its predecessors.
  • Interchangeable cable: The cable comes with a 2-pin connector that can be detached anytime as per the suitability of the user.
  • Rugged body: Its body is made out of pure plastic, and the earpiece is covered with an aluminum coating that gives a rough and sturdy look.


  • Ear canal: This product may not be suitable for people having issues with their ear canal.
  • Location: It doesn’t remain at the correct location for too long, earpiece positioning is very sensitive.
  • Price: High priced product.

Final Comments

Sennheiser IE80 Headphone features amazing clarity in sound. Best suitable for music lovers who like to tune and listen to high volume music. The price may seem a little bit over the table, but the sound quality it offers is worth it.

5. Most Comfortable Earbuds by AirBuds

The AarBuds design the most comfortable earbuds. It is an excellent earbud.It is designed to be very comfortable. It reduces the unwanted sounds and provides a well-balanced sound. It also has got a microphone with it. So, enjoy the music and also attend the calls without any disturbance and your hands will be free! The product has good reviews and meets up the expectation of the users.

It is very comfortable to use. It has got a microphone also so you can do other work also while on a call. It has got good, well-balanced sounds. It does not create any disturbances. The audio you play won’t go out and disturb others. The reviews are good and found to be one of the best earphones. The outside noise won’t disturb you; you may enjoy your music without any disturbances. Attend all the important calls without any noise. It has good services also. In the case of any damage, the ear buds are replaced without any cost.


  • Comfort: It is comfortable and safe for the ears. It provides good quality of audio you play. It lets you enjoy your audio or attend your calls without any discomfort to the ears.it is compatible with most of the devices.
  • Infection free material: The material of the ear buds is clean and germ-free. The smart microphone is the best part of these ear buds. It won’t cause any damage to the ears and won’t let you have any ear infection.
  • Microphone: The microphone lets your hands free to do any work while on call. You can also attend the calls while driving. Attend all the urgent calls while still concentrating on the driving. The cable is long and flat and does not get entangled. So, no more irritation because of the tangled wires and no need to waste time in detangling them. You can play and pause the audio also.
  • Replacement: It can be replaced free of cost in case of any damage. So, any damage brought to the notice of the manufacturers, and it will be replaced soon without any extra payment by the buyer.
  • Sound Quality: It provides superior sound quality. It won’t let the outside noise reach you; one can enjoy own audio without any disturbances.


  • The item almost has no demerits apart from the fact that it is a bit expensive. The item is thought to be worth the price considering the features.

Final Comment

The Earbuds by the Air Bud’s is a great product designed to give a comfortable and noise-free experience. It has many advantages. It is user-friendly and safe to use. It also provides superior high-quality sound. It does let you enjoy your audio or attend your call without any external noise.

6. Skullcandy Method Sweat-Resistant Sports Earbud

The method In-Ear Sweat resistant ear bud is a product of skull candy. It is an excellent cheap and reliable ear bud. It reduces the unwanted sounds and provides a well-balanced sound with a comfortable feel. It also has got a microphone with it. So, hands-free calls and audio.

It is very comfortable to use. It has got a microphone also so you can do other work also while on a call. Good sound quality. Attend all the important calls without any noise. It is sweat resistant and provides clean and free of infection feel.


  • Infection free and Sweat Resistance: It is sweat resistant and fits well into the ears. It does not lead to any damage to the ears or any infection. It is safe to use and cause no harm to the eardrums. It is one of the comfortable earbuds.
  • Affordable Price: It is cheaper in comparison to other earbuds with such features. One can easily afford it. It is worth the price as it has got many amazing features.
  • No shaking: It will not come out of the ears as it fits well. No need to adjust it all the time while using. Built while keeping in mind that the user gets no disturbance in the way of attending calls or listening to the audio.
  • Microphone: It has a microphone. So, you can answer or cut the call as well as play or pause the audio without using the mobile phone as such. Your hands will be free. So you may answer an important call while driving with no chances of any accident.
  • Cable: The cable does not get entangled so quickly. So you need not detangle it every time before using.
  • Sound: It has amazing sound quality. It enables you to have amazing sound quality and no need to play the audio on music systems. It has powerful bass.


  • Bass: It relies mostly on bass. This feature is one of the disadvantages.
  • Volume Control: There is no volume control on inline remote.
  • Cables: The cables are very stiff and hard. It provides discomfort while using the ear buds. The ear buds are also prone to breakage easily if not stored properly.
  • Clarity: The sound quality is good, but it lacks clarity. So it may interfere with important calls in understanding correctly.

Final Comment

The earbud is a good product from the Skullcandy. It is worth the price. It has few demerits also that the sound clarity is poor. The ear buds are prone to break if not handled properly. So, handle properly and with care.

7. Shure SE425-V Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE425-V is the headphones are a product manufactured by Shure which are sound isolating earphones. Sound Isolation is a technology that has been invented by earphone and headphone makers, which by which the external sound does not enter the earphones and also the sound from the earphones does not go out. Shure has been in the earphone business for more than 15 years.

The Shure SE425-V has featured some of the evolutionary changes from its predecessors.  The earpiece has a desirable design change that has been better than the earpieces before. The frequency response of these earphones is 20Hz to 19,000Hz which is almost equal to the human hearing frequency. The plug is 3.5mm gold plated jacks. The cable is also detachable at the kit and the earpiece.


  • Sound: Dedicated tweeter and woofer for an accurate and balanced sound. The sound is the only main thing that is needed in the earphones along with other things. So sound need not be compromised when it comes to earphones.
  • Sound Isolation: The SE425-V is available with a comfortable sound isolation kit that fit the ears comfortably and blocks up to 37db of noise.
  • Detachable Earbuds: The SE425-V comes with comfortable earbuds, which are removable from the earphones. This enables the user to change the earbuds if they are damaged because of something. It is a capsule type of earbuds, which are detachable just by pulling them out without any difficulty.
  • Accessories: The earphone comes with a cleaning tool and a soft-zip compact carrying case. There is also new earpiece which could replace the one’s which are there already, really quickly.


  • Price: The cost of Shure SE425-V Sound Isolating earphones is a bit more as compared to the other earphones which are available at prices lower than these earphones.
  • Bulk Cable: The cable of Shure SE425-V  has a large diameter as compared to other earphones which make them more bulky to carry. You don’t want to have such earphones in which you always feel the weight of the cable while using them.

Final Comment

Shure SE425-V are suggested only if you have a high budget. Agreed that the features of these headphones are great, but the cost is high as compared to the things that are provided.

8. Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 In-Ear Headphones

Bowers and Wilkins is a British company that specializes in audio equipment. The C5 S2 in-ear headphones are one of their sound products. Preferably made for iPhones, they also are compatible with other smartphones. These headphones are available only in black.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 has a redesigned drive unit that enhances the sound quality. There is a new type of cables, which replaces the transparent cables which made the internal wiring visible, which was there in the previous version of their headphones. A great base extension is provided with the headphones, and they contain a 9.2mm transducer.


  • Build: The build is awesome. They have used secure loop concept which is a loop that makes these headphones suitable for the human ear type. The comfortable earphones also add to the great build of these headphones.
  • Sound Quality: Any headphone is mostly rated based upon the sound quality that it provides rather than any other thing first. These have magnificent quality driver’s which have been recently updated making the sound even better.
  • The huge amount of clarity in the sound and the greater bass response make them a must have. If you listen to jazz songs, you would feel that these headphones provide a lot of tiny details that other headphones could not provide.
  • Noise cancellation: The new secure loop helps in the noise cancellation and does not allow any noise from the outside to enter in.


  • Durability: When it comes to durability, these headphones are not the first choice you should have. The new secure loop makes these headphones vulnerable to getting pulled up and break while using these headphones.
  • Value: The headphones are quite expensive as compared to others. The cost of these headphones is $149 which is a bit high given the kind of features they offer. The price could have been a bit less.

Final Comment

Given the price and the quality of the headphones, these headphones are recommended. If you are audiophile, you will surely like these headphones. Price would not matter when you will hear the quality of sound these headphones provide.

9. Uiisii Us90 Best Wired Earbud Headphones with Mic

Uiisii Us90 are a wonderful set of earphones one would ever own. The earphones are small and comfy. They are orb shaped and stay in the ears securely. The sound quality and built of Us90 is similar to HM7 to an extent, but they look subtle than MH7. Us90 comes with a metal housing and soft strain reliefs, and the remote is a single-button one. Its cable is soft and erect and is made of Silicone. The earphones have an innate quality of a built-in microphone to promote hands-free calling.

The cord is about 1.2m length for extra comfort and flexibility. It easily works with smartphones, computers, and any other devices offering 3.5mm port. It comes with 3 adjustable bud covers. Fashionably designed. It also got dynamically built 9mm speaker for a stunning bass sound effect. It comes with 16-ohm impedance and +92Db/- 3Db sensitivity. It has optional three colors with color matched cords and boasts of ergonomic design.


  • Quality: The built-in quality is simply astounding. They have a pleasant bubblegum aroma.
  • Bass quality: Detailing in the earphones is amazing and has sound and improved bass quality.
  • Vocal: Quite vocal and good channel separation. Perfect for sleeping, traveling and sports
  • One-click comfort: One click on the mic for starting or stopping of music. Comfortable fitting in the ears.
  • Light weight and harmony: The treble has been improved, and the sound has the pleasing balance to it.


  • Sub-bass and usage: No sub bass present. Can only be used for average listening people

Final Comment

This set of comfortable in-ear headphone one could own, and this natural product is for audiophiles. Its high quality super soft silicone can easily make you relax while sleeping and its metal exterior are a cause for their durability and its silicone rubber ear tips are a perfect way to cancel outside noise. It’s customer friendly as it works with any electronic gadget with 3.5 mm port. Overall, a must have a product and highly recommended.

10. MAXROCK Soft Silicon Super Comfortable Sleeping Headphones

MAXROCK has come up with an outstanding product which has a lot to offer. These earphones have been voted as one of the best sleeping earphones. Its microphone can play, pause music for many electronic gadgets with 3.55 mm jack. It also functions easily with iPhone and iPod series.

It comes with 5mm driver, 103+/-3db sensitivity, 20-20000Hz frequency, 16-ohm impedance, cord length of 120mm and 3.5 mm of the flexible plug. It brings in the ergonomic design and patented silicone designed headphones. Filters and cancels out almost any outside noise. It comes with double layer ear buds to fit any ear easily and staying there firmly. Also, the double layer ear buds ensure that the customer enjoys pure music in a busy and noisy environment too. These ears in headphones have integrated microphone for hands-free calls.


  • Housing and comfort: Total silicone housing. For comfortable travel journeys, exercise, and sleep
  • Microphone: This universal built-in microphone which is compatible with almost anything like an iPhone, Samsung and most of the other smartphones.
  • Weight and comfort: Doesn’t fall while walking or exercising and offers long lasting comfort. Light in weight.


  • Side sleeping only: Only good for side sleeping as they are not wireless.
  • Super bass and remote: Not recommended for super bassists. No remote.

Final comment

This is highly recommended for people who need music to sleep peacefully. It is perfect for sleeping, exercising, meditating and relaxing.  You can easily use these earphones for listening audiobooks, podcasts on iPhones and iPods. Its integrated microphone can let us make any calls hand free and lets us have a smooth experience. Its built is crafted so well that we do not experience any discomfort in setting the earphones into our ears. The earbuds are firmly rested in our ears and provide soothing music. The manufacturers also came up with long lasting zippers to protect the all silicone body of the earphones.

Final Thoughts on Earbuds

Stick to the same brand

Make sure you are using your comfortable earbuds of the same brand as your earphones. This will make it easier for you regarding sound quality. The compatibility between these two will ensure the longevity of earphones as well as the earbuds. Unmatched bands can loosen the foam earbuds and also cause damage to it. These days earphones or headphones are sold in a pack of the earbuds of varying shapes and sizes.

While purchasing

The choice of earbuds in the market varies so are its price tags. Therefore, each brand will have its rating. Make sure you compare the quality and price. Do not jump into buying the costliest of all. Expensive things are not always of best quality. Stick to a price range and see if you earphones can suffice the investment that you have made on your earbuds.

Above given points were some simple tips that you may use to buy a fitting and comfortable pair of earbuds. Ranging from the material, fitting, and costs, all aspects are important while making a valid purchase.

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