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[TOP 10] Snowboarding Headphones

It is the best idea to go on a vacation to some northern and mountainous areas where you can enjoy the snow. If you like snowboarding and you are planning to go to a place alone, you must get your snowboarding headphones with you to enjoy the loud music in the mid of the mountains.

There would be no one with you except the feeling of pleasure and loud music. You can choose the music according to your mood. If you set on a thrilling snowboarding adventure, you would enjoy fast and rocking music. Whatever you want to listen, first you need to have some good quality reasonable priced snowboarding headphones in your luggage.

Best Snowboarding Headphones 2017

Selection Process: The first thing while choosing these headphones is the headphones type. The different types of snowboarding headphones are wireless Earbuds, wireless headphones, and clip-on headphones, wired Earbuds, wired headphones, helmet headset with Bluetooth, etc. You can choose the type according to your own preference.

Another important thing is that the headphones that you choose for snowboarding must be able to keep functioning in extremely cold weather conditions. They should also be resistant to moisture.

Lots of headphones are available in the markets that are considered to be the best for snowboarding. There are some factors that must be taken into consideration when you want to buy snowboard headphones. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Headphones for Snowboarding

Next, come the level of comfort. You must get those headphones that make you feel comfortable when you wear them. If possible, you should give it a try by wearing the headphones before buying them so that you might have an idea that whether they are suitable for you or not. If you want to get some good quality headphones, obviously they do cost a bit more, so you must be careful about the design of the headphones and the comfort level while wearing them.

While buying the headphones, you must keep your budget under consideration. All you need to do is to select some moderate quality headphones that fit into your budget. However, if you have got a lot of money then it’s okay to go for the expensive headphones as well.

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Here is the list of the best snowboarding headphones has been shared with you along with the pros and cons of the headphones:

1. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

Bose SoundSport offer a deep and clearly enhanced sound system. Triport technology is used in these headphones for adding a crisp of naturally sounding highs and lows. They come up in three different sizes; you can select the size according to your head size. The shape of the Bose SoundSport is quite comfortable and you can easily wear them for the whole day.


  • They are resistant to weather and sweat and are engineered as well as tested to be used durable.
  • They have an inclined mic and are remote for easily switching between music and calls and vice versa.
  • The headphones are secure to use and have an appealing design.
  • Full bass is also offered pleasantly in these headphones and they also include a special sort of integrated remote and a good quality carrying case.


  • They allow the sound from outside to come in, so they are not considered to be really good for the environments that are noisy.

2. Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are considered to be sports as well as workout Earbuds. They have specifically been developed with a unique and flexible design so that the Earbuds stay stable in the user’s ear in all the exercise levels. They are water-resistant and sweat proof.  They are designed while using an invisible technology with Nano-coating. This is done for protecting the Earbuds from sweat, water, etc.

They have a very long battery life. After charging them completely, you are able to use them for eight hours and surely this is an impressive battery time. So you can enjoy your long route snowboarding with continuous music. The Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are supposed to be accessible easily and they let the user control the music and switch between multi-media and calls whenever required. The Bluetooth technology adds up to the functionality of these headphones.


  • The design of these headphones is quite safe, secure and comfortable. The headphones remain stable in your ears for a long time and you do not feel any sort of discomfort; that’s the best thing about them.
  • While snowboarding, you do not have to fix and adjust them again and again rather they remain fixed at their place providing enough comfort to the users.
  • As the headphones are waterproof, they can withstand easily with fresh water for half an hour up to one meter.
  • These snowboarding headphones are light in weight and come under the category of stereo headphones that have an integrated mic.
  • They have the design to withstand sweat and offer a decent sound system.
  • They come up with a reflective sort of armband case.


  • When you run while wearing these Plantronics Backbeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones, the cord seems to be a bit flopping around the back of the neck. It bothers some of the users.

3. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones come up with a very stylish design. They are guaranteed for being hundred percent stable and provide a very comfortable experience when worn while doing any sort of workout or while snowboarding. The have a great Hi-Fi quality. The most advanced chips for Bluetooth are used in these “Mpow” Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones. They ensure their Hi-Fi quality of CD stereo sound of music and offer strong signaling. The leading technology of apt-X used in these headphones also provides a quality that prevents the logging of sound while listening to the music or attending a voice call.

The most advanced Bluetooth 4.1 chips ensure Hi-Fi CD-quality stereo music sound and strong signal. The leading apt-X tech can provide a no-lag voice when listening to music or calling with the mic.The features are quite with the adhesion as well as the shape memory. These Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones can be surrounded around the neck of the user tightly and they roll automatically in a fixed position for getting stored in the pockets of bags of the users without getting tangled.


  • The battery time of these headphones is also incredibly good.
  • They can withstand for about 180 hours (on standby mode) and can be used for almost eight hours continuously.
  • The headphones are supposed to be universally compatible with almost all the different types of devices in which the Bluetooth is enabled that include different models.
  • The “Mpow” Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones are light in weight, resistant to water and have a very good and decent quality of sound.
  • With the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, they can easily be paired with the other compatible devices.


  • The Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones do not fit some of the people in a secure way.
  • The styling of these headphones is supposed to be quite generic and some of the buttons are very small and difficult to be used.

4. Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones:

The Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones have an HD sound system. They come up with eight-millimeter speakers that are combined with Bluetooth. They are supposed to create a very accurate high definition sound. They have a powerful bass as well. There is a compliance in the shape of a bullet; it helps in preventing the external noise. These headphones stow the Earbuds of the user easily; you just need to wear them around your neck. The headphones can be accessed instantly without any delay or searching them in the pockets. They look so cool.

The Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones are considered to be resistant to sweat and they do not get damaged by water. There is a protective coating of Liquipel Nano Coating, so they withstand when you get sweat while enjoying snowboarding. These headphones are created with very advanced features. They provide automatic enthusiasts and they are actually a solution for the HQ sound in a reasonable price. The headphones are very comfortable to wear.


  • The Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones offer a very secure fit. The tips of the headphones are patented and winged.
  • They offer both the options of over ear fit as well as over-ear fit.
  • There are unique abilities of magnetism in these headphones. The latest system of Bluetooth 4.1 is also provided with these headphones. The sound quality is very clear.
  • There are no strings attached with the Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones. Mostly they are offered with a money-back guarantee of sixty days.


  • Apparently, these headphones do not have any specific cons.

5. Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio

The Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio headphones are completely wireless and universal. They work with almost every kind of audio helmet with an improved Bluetooth system. Each of the earpieces is supposed to feature one button that is oversized and can easily be operated with the mittens of the user on. By simply pressing different combinations of the buttons, the users can easily control all the features of the headphones without removing them from the head.

The sound system of The Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio headphones is also very clear and you can enjoy the high bass and loud music with them. The device is equipped with the forty millimeter drivers that are optimally tuned for creating an incredible sound system.


  • There is a built-in functionality in these headphones to deal with calls.
  • The connection of Bluetooth, as well as the built-in mic and a simple interface of buttons, let you answer the calls easily without any need to remove the gloves or the helmet.
  • The compatibility of the helmet is also offered with these Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio headphones.
  • The chip used in these headphones makes them compatible enough to be used with the helmets from different manufacturers like Bern, Smith, K2, Bolle, Giro, Ro-Tech, etc.


  • Apparently, these headphones do not have any particular cons.

6. Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

This Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset comes up in an In-ear design. This headset fits in a very secure way and directs the music to come into the ears completely. The audio is always uninterrupted. There is a Bluetooth 4.1 technology used in this headset for snowboarding. It enables a very simple type of wireless pairing with those devices that are enabled with Bluetooth.

The noise isolation feature of this headset also helps in minimizing the sounds or noise in the background. There are 5.8mm drivers that deliver a very powerful sound. The range of frequency response if from 20Hz to 20 kHz frequency response. This is the faithful reproduction of sound. The impedance for this headset is 16 ohms. This is for conducting the power efficiently. 103dB is the sensitivity level that provides a very powerful system of audio. This headset has a Stereo design and it delivers quite crisp tones.

There are lots of options available for you from which you can choose the snowboarding headphones. You must take into consideration the pros and cons of all the different types of headphones as much as possible and then choose accordingly. You must choose the one that you think would be the best for you while fitting in your budget. DO not try to be extravagant and ignore your budget limit. There is no need to make your budget upset. Some of the functionalities of different headphones are almost the same, like the resistance to water.

7. Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports

These Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports headphones come up with Bluetooth 3.0 technology. They bring the users a 4-way intercommunication conversation. The range for it is nine hundred meters. These headphones do not have the custom software needed for working with the box of Harley Davidson Boom.

There is a versatile jog dial on the headphones. The buttons of the headphones are also large enough so that they can be pressed without any difficulty and the user can control the system of these headphones. There is an advanced technology used in these headphones in order to control the noise. It first detects the noise in the background and then cuts it accordingly.

The battery time of SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports headphones is also good enough. They can stay in standby mode for almost seven days. These headphones can be used very easily and provide an enhanced quality of sound. They provide other features as well like the favorite tunes of the users, the global positioning system navigation, 4-way intercommunication, etc.


  • This headset is completely resistant to water.
  • They also control the ergonomics in a friendly way as the design is very comfortable to be used.
  • The user does not face any sort of difficulty while pressing the buttons or using any of the other systems.
  • The design of these SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports headphones is quite secure to be used and fit in every condition.
  • There are also some of the critical capabilities of the headphones to deal with the communications.
  • The Multipoint Bluetooth technology is also offered to deal with the usage of the dual mobile phone.
  • The headphones provide a high-quality audio performance in any sort of environment by controlling the background noise.
  • The users can enjoy crystal clear audio while using these headphones. There is also a functionality of auto-boosting of sound when there is a noisy environment.


  • The Bluetooth technology used in these headphones is 3.0; it is good but not the latest and the most advanced.

8. Koss KSC75 Portable Headphones

They have a sports clip design and it fits around the ears of almost every individual. There are pivoting earplates in order to provide a comfy fit. There are drivers used that are coated with Titanium. They deliver a very accurate reproduction of sound with just a little distortion.


  • Also, there are Neodymium iron boron magnets that offer a performance of deep bass. It lets you get an extended response of frequency.
  • The cord of these headphones is almost 4 feet long. There is an L-shaped plug of 3.5 mm.


  • There is a limited warranty of these headphones.
  • They are not wireless.

9. Sony MDR-AS200/GRN Active Sports Headphones:

The Sony MDR-AS200 Active Sports Headphones are light in weight and they are one of the best snowboarding headphones for an active lifestyle. There is a loop hanger in these MDR-AS200 Active Sports Headphones to provide a secure fitting to the users. The headphones are resistant to water and it does not let the sweat affect the functionality of the headphones.

There are sensitivity drivers that have a height of 13.5mm for providing a premium sound quality. The Sony MDR-AS200/BLU Active Sports Headphones have an Earbud structure and it provides a stable fitting to the users. While running or snowboarding, the users can get a very secure fit; the adjustable clips and loop hangers help you to secure the headphones to the ears so that the body can be moved easily.

These snowboard headphones let you stay energetic and enthusiastic. 104 dB/mW is the sensitivity of these headphones. The frequency range of the headphones id 17–22,000Hz. So the volume can be turned up and the pure details can be heard. All of the natural acoustics come up with an open design; they flow in and out through the earcups’ back in order to offer natural sound effects to a greater extent.

These snowboard headphones can be readily used in the case when there is snow, water splashes, sweat, etc. since they are resistant to water. The design of these headphones is quite flexible since they come up with a 3.94 ft. cord. The movement can be freed up by using the cord; the cord is long enough to deal with it comfortably.

10. Koss SportaPro Stereo Headphones

There are headband pivots on the backside of the base of these headphones. These pivots easily convert from the specific overhead style to that of the behind the head style. There are ear cushions of foam that make the headphones to seem more comfortable and worn easily for a long time.

The headphones collapse in a compact packing that is supposed to be protective enough; it tucks in a small case quite neatly. The frequency response range of these headphones is from 5Hz to 25 kHz and the Imp value is 60Ω. The headphones have a very flexible design and they are supposed to be completely collapsible.

Final Thoughts on Snowboarder Headphones

So you have to consider those factors and characters additionally that are unique and different as compared to the common snowboard headphones. You should prefer to select those headphones in which the latest technology is used. For example, presently the latest Bluetooth technology is 4.1. There are some other Bluetooth technologies as well, but you should try to select those headphones that use this technology. Another important thing is the size of the headphones.

While buying the headphones, you must check them properly that whether they fit your head or not. The comfort level is also a very important factor and you must wear the headphones before buying them (if possible) so that you can check that they can be worn comfortably with creating any sort of disturbance.

You must keep of reading the reviews of different headphones so that you can have a clear idea about which types of headphones are good enough to be used while snowboarding. You should not be biased towards just one company of headphones.