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Monster NTUNE On-Ear Headphones Review

The Monster N-tune on-ear Headphones are the best to use at the gym and on daily commuting. The headphones stay steadily on the head; their sound is passive and doesn’t cause irritation to the ear as compared to any other on-ear headphones. They are evidently made for modern music like hip-hop dance and the club music. You can’t resist listening to music on N-tune on-ear headphones, the detonation and boom nature of the on-ear headphones make the music thrilling and exciting.

The Monster N-tune on-ear headphones are specifically designed to meet the high demand of its quality sound and work well with heavy bass music genres. The on-ear headphones comes with variety of many colours, during purchase customers have an opportunity to select the colour of their choice. The ear-phones are very classy because they are not only built for listening the installed music, thus it has a gadget that you can pair with the  I phone or Android smartphone. This also gives you an opportunity to enjoy and listen to your favourite music from your own app.

Design and build quality

Monster NTune On-Ear HeadphonesThis headphone comes in different colours, as listed by Amazon they have 21 different colours and colour combination to choose from. Those people who pay much attention to matching accessories with their clothes and style will definitely love this product. The earphones are made from a shiny plastic with sublet colour accents. Specifically, the whole design looks very bright and youthful.

The ear cups of these headphones are very similar to aluminium. They resemble the car wheel aluminium. They also have a detachable cable that usually connects to the left ear-piece. The end of the cable connects at an angle of 90-degree on one end and a regular straight one on the other end. The cables are of high quality with microphonics resistant cable shielding.

The earphones have an inbuilt line remote controller used to control the music playback. The remote control is also used to receive or end the phone calls. The on-ear has very comfortable cushions which soothe the ear. Often, don’t heat up and they segregate very well from the surrounding environment without disruption.This headset comes in two different designs. Foldable and portable designs.Foldable designs are preferably easier to store and carry while not in use or during travel.They are usually smaller in size than they really are when folded.

Due to fashionable designs from the manufacturer and from available stores, there are several headbands which provide excellent durability combined with slick stainless steel slider which gives an attractive appearance.


The best and most powerful sound quality is provided by the fact that, it is noise isolating unit and does not damage sound output. Though it does not cancel noise completely it does not drain the battery as well. Due to this factor, it’s better than ANC 2 for the closed-back design they give a higher Hi-Fi sound with CSR chip and 40mm driver together, this creates convenience. For those who prefer less noise can consider other types of headsets with the greater harmonised sound output.

Most on-ear headphones are built to last. The on-ear headsets are usually made from memory-protein ear cushion.  The texture of this material has lasting comfort and is friendly to the human skin. Much of the body cover is built of stainless steel slider that comes with a padded headband which creates a complete fit without difficulty. This perfect feature ensures durability and comfort when in use.

These gadgets will never go off due to the power loss. The wireless model can take up to 20hrs of battery update for music and talk time in a single charge. The Wired mode can be used as a wired headphone with a connection cable so that headphones remain charged and power is maintained for quite some time.

These headsets are good and applicable in many situations like, while in gyms, walking in a park or doing personal activities that do not require talking to someone. N-Tune On-Ear headphones deliver quality sound with unmatched clarity and depth. Hand-tuned with the precision designed to blow you away. They come in colourful range sets look, attitude and music.

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The beats aren’t Monster and the Monster is not the beats, the performance of the gadget depends on its features and the quality. When we talk about these headphones, basically we are looking on what appears to be enticing to the teens and customers at large and hit the poppy market. In the current world, having brightly coloured headphones that carry a unique colour is the fashion. The monster product has taken very good care on that since the gadgets are available in different classy colours.

The performance of the headphones is of high quality. The research reveals that the music stored was engineered with the help of a great hip-hop artist and a music producer. The bass is less punchy in rock though it is still noticeable including all the other soundtracks. However, in this gadget bass is dominating and fuzzing out ever so slightly.

While playing jazz music, the bass is not heavily engineered thus, making the N-tune headphones sound better. The reason being bass drops are specific to an instrument.

The monster N-tune headphones have 3.5mm jack cable on each ear-cup and you need to only plug it in one ear. However, if you want to share the music with another headphone you use both ends. The sharing feature is a cool one since people can enjoy same music without putting it on the ear. When you want to play back the music, you only need to plug a stereo cable into one of the ports and it will automatically playback.

Sound quality

As we mentioned earlier the headphones are designed to play modern music genres. The rhythm and bass tone variations make it complete. Those who enjoy that kind of music will really enjoy. The bass is very vibrant and the sound system beats very well.The power behind it is sweet and entertaining, enjoyable leaving you with no other thing to do but shaking your head rhythmically.

The ear-phone has inbuilt microphones which contribute to the equal good quality sound. The sound is comfortable and soothes the ears. The volume level adjusts automatically based on how far or close it is from your mouth. The inbuilt equalizer in the audio player will help you tune to the kind of tone you are comfortable with and the one that you are comfortable with. The inbuilt drums are sharp strings but the sound they produce is classic. The headset produces glorious full sound and the depth of the music which cannot be compared to any other headphone. During the low volume, the sound is precise and still crisps. The noise cancelling is great too.  When we talk about the sound quality, for sure the monster on-ear headphone is leading. The ear-phone has inbuilt microphones which contribute to the equal good quality sound. The sound is comfortable and soothes the ears. The volume level adjusts automatically giving good and comfortable results

Monster NTune review

The monster credible tune style

These headphones are stylish and are available in different shiny candy colours. The headphones are named on the ear because they are meant to sit on the outer side of the ear. The earphone has the detachable audio cord which plugs into either left or right ear cup enabling you to wear anyhow you want.   The audio chord has a primary functional play, pause, skip track and the answer and hang-up button for calls. The headphone has a super bendy shape which is flexible allowing it to fit into any size and shape of the head comfortably.

Compatibility with other sound output.

This headset can be connected to various smartphones, tablet, TVs, and other Bluetooth devices within 33 feet. Eventually, they will bring out crystal clear sound effect. On this note, impressive sound quality can only be maximised if some features are considered:

The headset doesn’t have noise cancellation. Thus, creates additional sound factor on quality because it does not cancel the noise completely. When the battery is low the headset does not distort sound at all. Powerful Hi-Fi sound with CSR chip and 40mm driver together gives closed back design. This is a personal consideration when the noise levels are concerned. Always make sure the driver software of receiving adapter is fully updated before connecting to the PC or laptop. At this point, you need to separate Bluetooth adapter when connected to the TV.

Types of on-ear headphones.

There are two types of monster N-tune on-ear headsets. They are the wired and wireless gadgets.

The Wireless headphones.

Just as its name, this simply means the headphone doesn’t have wires or cords. This type of on-ear headphone is easier to use and frees you to make movements. The wireless mode has a built-in-420mAh battery that gives continuous wireless playback of about 13 hours. This gives free movement because it does not entangle user with wires to and from the headset.

Wired headphones.

This is headphones with an audio cable.They are designed as over- ear, and not on-ear.They give a feeling like on-ear or not over-ears enough’ only depends on your ear size or shape. Note it’s important to keep the headset in dry and cool place as the ear cushion is made of memory-protein materials.

This gadget has an inbuilt microphone that can only operate in wired mode.This headset is unique in that protects loss of sound in that that when put on feels a bit tight like on-ear. This is specifically designed to avoid sound leakage which gives an excellent listening experience. To get both audio and wearing comfort, avoid a long period of listening. Remove the gadget every 1-2 hrs for aeration of your ears and to relax and protect them from external sound effects.

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The on-ear headphones Specifications:

  • It has 4.0 Bluetooth versions.
  • Has a special range 33 feet.
  • Good talk time of about 15 hours.
  • Well retained period of playback time at 13 hours.
  • Long battery time of about 4 hours.
  • Has charging voltage of 5 volts.


  • The headphones are very comfortable even after long hours use.
  • They work well with the modern music genres.
  • They have a very attractive design and beautiful colours you have the opportunity to select your flavour.
  • If you want to be entertained and entirely surrounded by music, the N-tune headphones perform best.
  • The battery life is long and they hold power for long hours.
  • They have distinctive designs.
  • The headphones are very comfortable and the sound quality is awesome.
  • The gadget gives you an opportunity to share the sound with friends.
  • The headphone allows you to receive phone calls.


  • The N-tune headphones lack accessories.
  • They have overly emphasized bass.
  • The headphones are designed for people with massive heads.
  • The on-ear headphones are restricted to only hip-hop music.


The monster N-tune on-ear headphones outdo all the other headphone gadgets. If you love bass more than anything else then the N-tune headphones are the perfect match for you. With its quality features and the ideal sound produced by the gadget. The headphones are manageable and portable and easier to carry. If you aren’t hanging them around your neck, you can fold them into a smaller size and pack in the bag.

For those who like the style and love matching, these gadgets are the best for you since they come with different colours giving you an opportunity to choose the colour that pleases you. The pricing is well taken care of since they are available at an affordable rate. The headphones are the best compared to any other type in the market. You require a headphone choose N-tune on – ear and you will never regret.