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How to Find the Best Headphones & Earbuds

Well, we all have face this problem, somewhere in our lives, when you decide to buy something, but don’t know what to buy and it’s no different in the case of Headphones, because, we all want the best, which sounds good, comes in handy and stay with you for a long time. So, guys here we are with this simple, yet useful post which will help you buy your Next set of Cans and make sure you Share this with your friends, who also like Listening to Music.

How to Select a Perfect Headphones ?

Now, the thing is simple, because it’s all about you and your preference but one thing is for sure that, we all like  good Sound Quality. Well there is no Standard to determine that this is the perfect headphones for any type of Individual, it’s more of a personal choice, some of us like Crisp Acoustics and some enjoys Bass and More Bass.

So, first you have understand your taste and I am sure, you are new to this selection and till now, you have bought around 2 or 3 headphones in your life. Well I can guess that, because if you were a Pro, then you would be buying your headphones by just trying them in a Mall and determining them according to your preference, but here you are, which means you are confused and looking for some guidance.

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Well let me assure you that, you are at the right place, because we are the Headphones Helper and we are here to Help to Buy your Next Headphone !

Step by Step Guide to Buy a Good Headphones

Step 1 : First you have to decide, what’s the Purpose ? I mean, are you gonna use them to just watch a Movie on your Laptop, or Use them while doing your Workout or maybe just cut off from this World and Indulge in pure Music.

Well you have to decide this first, then we can proceed.

So, you have decided ?

OK,  then let’s go to the next step.

Step 2 : What’s your Budget ? Well Headphones have a huge range and you better decide your budget first, before selecting a specific Model, because you can get a Skullcandy Hesh 2 for like 50 Bucks or you can buy a “HIFIMAN HE1000“ which cost like 3 Grands, it’s up to your budget or your Father’s Income, whichever applies to you. 

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Step 3: So, till now you have decided the use and the Budget. Now it’s time for the type of Headphones, well basically there are quite a few types available in the market. Some of them are “Earbud, On-Ear, Over-Ear, Bluetooth, Noise Cancelling and some others.

Well, Basically you have quite a few types to choose from, and this one also varies according to the User Preference. So, you better try them in a Store, before buying because they are very different and you have to pick one, which you find Comfortable.

Step 4: Now, you have to decide what’s the Best Headphones, you can find by going through the first 3 steps.

At least shortlist 3 or 4 Headphones from different Categories and after that you should dig up some Reviews on Google.

Step 5: Finally the Buying process !

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Well you can either buy it from an Electronics Store or You can buy it Online, but that’s just boring.

And to make it fun, we have got a nice Strategy to save you some Bucks !

Once you narrow down your selection to 3 or 4, head to the Market and try them, listen to your favorite tracks, then check their price.

Come Back to home and Try Amazon Headphones Section, they actually have a really big collection. Compare the prices and Hit the Buy Button.

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So, with this note, I wish you all the Very best and hope you will find the Perfect Headphones, you always dream about.

Choosing the Right Earbuds

Wireless earbuds

Earbuds with wireless connections to devices, which are connected using applications, are slowly coming into fashion. 2017 may see many models of wireless earbuds being used by the people.

Waterproof earbuds

This is good for people who like to hit the gym very often and are music lovers. While running outdoors or working out, we sweat. And water is not good for electronic gadgets. Hence many companies have been designing these waterproof earbuds.

Wireless and waterproof

These ear buds have both the abilities to be wireless and not being affected by water. It maybe is more expensive than the other earbuds.

Lightweight earbuds

Many companies have been manufacturing lightweight earbuds, to make it one of the features along with others for improvement in quality.

Earbuds with long battery life

Wireless earbuds need a battery and the smartphone’s control it. These earbuds can be charged after 11-12 hours of use which is more than average.

Earbuds with magnets

While using these kinds of earbuds you would not have to worry about losing them. The pair of earbud attracts each other due to the magnets attached in both the earbuds.

Magnetic wireless charger

It becomes easier to charge the wireless earbuds with wireless chargers. Nothing gets tangled out.

Duo built in microphone

These earbuds with stylish features are capable of producing incredible sound quality even during the phone calls due to duo built in mechanism.

Health manager

Some companies have designed earbuds which are capable of tracking heart rate. You can check out your heart rate through smartphone while working out.

Notifying messages

Wireless earbuds with a feature to read out the message from notifications in our phone are helpful while our hands are busy.

Multipurpose earbuds

All the above-mentioned features of earbuds are usually combined to get a much-advanced result. A feature like water resistance combined with heart-rate tracking is very excellent for people who work out and have medical issues.

Truly wireless

By the earlier term ‘wireless’ it meant that no wire connections to the device, but it still had wire connection with the earbuds. But thanks to the advancement of technology, we have truly wireless earbuds with not a single wire connection at all.

Application controlled earbuds

We can use earbuds to track heart-rate, read out the notifications and in advanced level play the songs according to our moods by the sensing system.

Make a call

To have a mic in earphones with the earbuds makes it easier to talk for long hours without aching our hands.

Tangle resistant

It is always bothersome to have the earbuds’ wire getting tangled. Some earbuds’ cables are designed sturdy to keep it tangle free and can be put around the ear.


Some of you may be curious, that I didn’t help you select the Final and most Perfect Headphones. Well there is a Reason behind it. Since I guide you to Shortlist 3-4 Headphones at step 4, after that, it’s all up to YOU, because it’s like Buying a Shoe, no one else can buy you the Perfect Ones. You have to do it by yourself, give it a try, walk in them to decide the Best One, which suits you and your need !


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