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The best headphones for work from home

A year ago, the concept of working from home was foreign to most of you, right? Maybe some of you know someone who works as a freelancer, writer, etc, and has already been working from home before COVID 19. But for the majority of us, this was unimaginable. We even know plenty of people who told us that they prefer having their workspaces in a place different from home.

But, when the pandemic hit us, many of us, we’re left without a choice. The world governments agreed that the best way to tackle the problem was to declare national lockdowns. As that happened, we all had to switch to remote work as quickly as possible. Of course, it was unusual and hard in the beginning, especially as it gave us the sensation that we are on some kind of unplanned holiday, whereas we weren’t in reality. But, step by step, each of us began to get accustomed to the new situation, and do everything to make working from home as comfortable as possible.

That included creating a cozy home office. Now, when we talk about this we often have in mind things like designating the space, buying furniture, decorating, etc. But the reality is that there are other essential things that we often forget. Do you have any idea about what we mean? That is right, we are talking about a good mouse for the computer, webcam or headphones, etc. And that is exactly where we are going to stop today – headphones.


Now when you are working from home, all of the work calls, meetings, and video conferences are happening on platforms such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, etc. It is the new norm, right? Considering that, it is logical that you need to get the best headset if you want to hear and be heard. Maybe you decided to use your standard music earbuds for all of your calls, and they work well. But what if you need a mic? Now you can say that you can buy a separate microphone! That is true! But do you wonder if that is going to cost you more than buying headphones with a mic? Also, if you are living in a crowded or small apartment, you might want the best Zoom headset with noise cancelation.

When talking about headphones, you might imagine a traditional wired model with a microphone in front of your mouth. You can still get those, indeed. However, you need to keep in mind that there is much more option out there, today. We created this guide to lead you through the descriptions of some of the best kinds of headsets for working from home and we hope you will enjoy it.

4 Types of Headsets You Should Know

Look, the truth is that there are hundreds of different types of headphones. But choosing between all those models and options whose prices vary from $30 too much more is something that can give you a real headache. To make the choice a bit easier for you, we selected four types that we consider among the best. However, we also want to tell you that your preferences are the biggest factor to consider when choosing the headset. If you ask us, we would say that we like the in-ear models the most. Some other people find them intrusive and uncomfortable to use for a long time. But let’s see those four types and the differences between them.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones are super versatile. We can’t say that these headphones are the most lightweight on the market. However, they are surely lighter than over the ear model. They have an excellent noise cancelation feature which is why plenty of people prefer working with them. They come at a very wide price range. You can find regular cheap models, as well as professional models that will cost much more.


• They are not likely to fall off. Unlike over the ear, this model will not slide on your head when you are moving.

• They are easy to carry around.


• They can absorb sweat.

• You can feel uncomfortable carrying them around for a long time.

Over the Ear

Over-the-ear headphones are the largest you will see in any shop. They come with super large cans and speakers, hence there is no way you can confuse them with some other model. They are also pretty pricey.


• They come with absolutely perfect sound quality. When it comes to noise cancelation, it is safe to say that there is a model that comes even close to them.

• They are super comfortable. Although they are large they don’t put any pressure on the ear.


• They can be heavy if you wear them all day.

• They are expensive.

In-Ear Headphones

They are small and easy to hide from others if you want to use them discreetly. They are generally the most affordable too. The good thing about them is that they go deep in your ear which means that they provide good isolation.


• They are lightweight and easy to wear.

• They provide good isolation. Some even come with a noise cancelation option.


• Some people feel them be intrusive.

• They can be uncomfortable to wear.


Earbuds are somewhat similar to ear headphones, but they come without cables and wires. Not only you can work with them, but also exercise and do other things. However, as they are small, you should take care not to lose them. They are also super lightweight headphones.


• They are compact and lightweight.

• They can be synchronized with your phone or laptop via Bluetooth.


• It can be a bit challenging to sync them with the phone.

• As they are small and wireless you can easily lose them.

How to Choose Headphones

Of course, the factors that will determine the choice of your headphones depend on the activity you need them for. In our case, we are looking for headphones for work. So, here are the things that you need to consider.

• When using headphones for work you will also have to speak, hence they must have a microphone.

• The type of headphones will depend on your personal preferences.

• Ideally, your model should have noise cancelation and wireless connectivity options. You should also look for the foldable model.

• If you want to use them for other things, such as gaming, listening to music, or sports you will have to think about other features, too. If you want to exercise with a headset then you need to consider how they fit.

Best Headset for Working from Home

As we said, there are tons of models out there. As you can imagine this makes selecting just a few of them as absolute best pretty challenging. Each of them has something special that can make them perfect for you, depending on what you need. We can say for some models that it is the best zoom headset and for another that it is the best multipoint Bluetooth headset. It all depends on your needs. However, we selected several options that come with the best sound quality and are most convenient if you are working from home.

Best Earphones for Working From Home

Jabra Elite 85 t

These are by far the best noise cancelation earphones you will find on the market. They come with oval-shaped tips which means that they are more comfortable to wear. They also offer excellent sound with large 12 mm drivers and six microphones (three in each ear). Two of them are placed on the outside and one on the inside for better voice recording and improved noise reduction. They feature multipoint Bluetooth pairing which means that you can pair them with your laptop and phone at the same time.

Apple Airpods Pro

You might be under the impression that everyone has Apple Airpods Pro. There is a good reason for that. These earphones also come with an excellent noise cancelation option which makes them ideal for work. They come with three silicone tips so you can easily choose what suits you most. They are sweat-resistant, too.


Best Headphones for Workin from Home

Jabra Elite 85

These are among the best headphones for working from home, especially if you are making a lot of calls. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear because they come with well-padded ear cups. Apart from that, they come with phenomenal sound quality and excellent battery life. You can easily fold them when you aren’t using them.

Logitech Zone Wireless

They are active noise cancelation (ANC) headphones that come with a microphone attached to a boom. The best thing about them is that you can place them on Qi wireless charger and charge them totally for up to 15 hours. However, you can also charge them with a micro USB. They are comfortable and offer a great sound quality.


We are at the end of our text about the best headphones for work from home. If you are working and having many meetings remotely, headphones are an integral part of your equipment. Having good headphones that come with a noise cancelation feature, are easy to wear, etc., and are critical for delivering good results at work! What type of headphones are you using?

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