Why Fall is a Perfect Time to Paint Your Home


The first thing to do when you are decided to paint your home is to choose the right color. After this, you can consult expert websites like HomeMakerGuide, to find the right equipment. Once you have acquired everything you need, its time to proceed, right? If only things were that simple! One thing you always have to consider is the weather. After all, you cant just jump right into it when its snowing outside.

So when would it be the right moment for it? According to numerous home decorating experts, professional painters, and dedicated platforms, the best time to paint home exterior is the fall. And if youre wondering why keep on reading for the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing this season.

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

Benefits of Paintings in Autumn

There are lots of reasons for which the months of fall are the most appropriate time of year to start re-decorating your house exterior. There are also minor disadvantages to it, but when you compare the list of both, you will come to decide in favor of the autumn, and here is why:

The Temperature

Temperature plays a major part in the final result, mostly because it determines how slow or how fast the paint will dry, you can also check this article. Thus, the ideal moment to begin the process is during days that are both warm and dry. The fall season has plenty of them, this being the first important factor in choosing it.

Less Chance of Drastic Temperature Changes

We all know how sudden the weather can change during winter, spring, and especially summer. During winter, one day everything can be covered in snow, while the next day, the hot burning sun is melting it all away. These changes are even more radical during summer, when sudden rains unexpectedly start, in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, the fall season is known for its constant cool climate, thus being the best time to paint house.

Painting Contractors

When it comes to painting, not all of us manage to do a perfect job from the very first try. Even experienced DIY painters can sometimes mess up the project, not in entirety, but still in need of reparations. And since its not yet winter, you can even call in expert contractors who wouldnt be available during the snowy season. They can make the repairs that you may not have noticed, further protecting your home from the harsh conditions of winter.

What Should You Avoid Doing while Painting in Fall

Now that we have enlisted some of the main advantages of choosing the fall season, we should also revise some of the things that we should avoid doing during this season:

Dont Paint When its Wet Outside

Despite being one of the most balanced times of the year, autumn is not short of rainy days. You should never paint against the rain, as this can lead to a completely uneven application. As such, you should always wait for the rain to stop and everything to dry before starting your work.

Dont Try to Paint Outside the Season

As mentioned before, a perfect painting requires perfectly constant weather. You should consider the climate specific to the area you live in, and never start such an in-between project season, or too late in one of them. If its too cold outside, or way too warm, you should postpone until the weather settles.


In the end, you are the homeowner and the decision when to start is entirely up to you. But if you want to make sure the final result leaves your home as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, you should consider the best weather conditions for painting, and choose the fall.


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