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5 Best Budget Gaming Headset Under $50 For PC, Xbox & PS4

If you want the best wireless headphones for pc, there are many budget headphones you can use that will complement your gaming experience. You can find budget headphones packed with the features you need to enjoy gaming. For the best performance, you want comfort, good sound quality, and clarity, which gives you an edge in esports titles.


Best Gaming Headset Under $50 – First Look

HyperX Cloud Stinger: Among the best gaming headset under 50, you will find the HyperX Cloud Stinger. The headset offers a good design and ensures a comfortable fit. Also, you enjoy superb sound quality with spatial awareness ideal for when playing competitive titles.

Corsair HS60 Gaming Headset: This is one of the best budget headphones as it offers cool features. It comes with a subtle design you can use in different scenarios. Gamers enjoy an all-around quality experience.

Astro A10 Gaming Headset: The headset is focused on offering a high-end sound experience. It features excellent build quality, comes in brilliant colors, and offers great sound.

Razer Kraken X Ultralight: This is an ultra-light headset that provides decent sound, good comfort, and ample features. It’s one of the most comfortable headsets, so if you want good sound and comfort, this should be a good recommendation.

Logitech G430: This is another superb gaming headset from Logitech that you can find under $50. It offers all-around sound, and comes with pleather earcups.

How We Tested

Before we recommend headsets, we perform a series of tests to pick the best. There are two main testing methods we use:

Rig Testing: This includes using gaming computers that have a headphone amplifier to ensure each headset gets the performance needed. For USB headsets, our team used USB ports at the back to perform the tests.

Testing Games: For accurate results, we did not limit the tests within three games. We tried different titles, from AAA Games, esports titles, and MMORPG too. We spent more time on games like The Witcher III, PUBG, Overwatch, and CS: GO.

Tips for Choosing a Gaming Headset


To find a good headset for streaming, there are different things to consider when shopping. These are among the most important points when looking for a headset.

Microphone: For a competitive player, communication is key. You need to ensure the microphone is of the highest quality and be flexible in placement.

Sound Quality: Having a good pair of headphones should include excellent sound quality. Ensure the stereo imaging is perfect, so find headphones that include imaging that captures the environment built into the game.

Aesthetics: Looks matter when searching for a headset. Ensure the headphone looks good when you wear it.

Comfort: This is an important factor when it comes to choosing a gaming headset. An uncomfortable headset can drive you crazy. The materials used can contribute to comfort, so pay attention to the build quality of the headset.

In-depth Review

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

The HyperX ranks top among the best pc headset under 50. The headphones deliver excellent value and is the perfect option if you’re looking for lightweight gaming headsets. Among features include earcups that rotate 90 degrees and 50 mm directional drivers to amplify audio precision. For great flexibility, the headphones feature steel sliders and memory foam. You can use the swivel-to-mute microphone to mute sound whenever you swivel upwards into the vertical position. The headphones are simple and aesthetically pleasing, with features that make this a good option for gaming.


• Lightweight

• Excellent audio quality

• Swivel-to-mute microphone

• Memory foam padding

• 50mm drivers

• 90 degrees rotating ear cups


• Microphone not detachable

2. Corsair HS60 Gaming Headset

The HS60 gaming headset might not win any awards in audio, but these offer great sound quality for the price. This is a lightweight pair of headsets with 50mm directional drivers that ensure audio precision. You also get 7.1 surround sound, which boosts your gaming experience. For comfort during extended gaming sessions, the headsets feature memory foam. You also have adjustable earcups to cater for different size requirements. The microphone is easily detachable, allowing you to use the headphones with a standalone microphone or for music on the go.


• 7.1 surround sound

• 50mm neodymium drivers

• Adjustable ear cups

• Detachable mic

• Excellent audio quality

• Memory foam padding


• Not the best frequency response

3. Astro A10 Gaming Headset

Astro Gaming has a reputation for high-performance gaming headsets in the premium category. While the Astro A10 is under $50, it’s one of the best value for money headsets you can find right now. It features a good design, and the build quality is great. You’ll see premium materials throughout, which makes the headset feel more expensive. You get 40mm drivers that offer a boomy sound profile, great for immersion while listening to music or gaming. Also, the headset comes with a good microphone, which offers clear and accurate sound.


• Good value for money

• Good build quality

• Comfortable fit

• Boomy sound profile

• Uni-directional microphone

4. Razer Kraken X Ultralight

This comes with an array of cool features, good sound quality, and excellent comfort. The headphones offer a subtle design, comprised of plastic with steel in the headband and earcups. As expected, the color theme is black, which gives the headset a sophisticated and sleek look. The 40mm directional drivers offer a good sound, and the bass is not too overpowering. For a better understanding of the enemy’s position in competitive games, the highs are tweaked accordingly. At 250 grams in weight, the Kraken X feels comfortable to wear. Thanks to the cardioid technology in the microphone, it can pick sound from different directions, creating a more accurate portrayal of your voice.


• Value for money

• Ultralight design

• Excellent spatial awareness

• Good microphone

• 7.1 surround sound

5. Logitech G430

The G430 offers rotatable ear cups that can move 90 degrees for convenience. You also get a 7.1 surround sound system for excellent sound quality. Weight is not an issue as these are lightweight and comfortable for prolonged gaming sessions. While the audio quality is not the best, you can clearly hear the gunshots and footsteps. The microphone also performs excellently, but it does not include a noise reduction feature.

• Comfortable

• 7.1 surround sound

• Rotating ear cups


• Not the best sound for music

Final Word

Here you go if you want good headphones under 50. This guide offers you some of the best options on the market you can find on a budget of under $50. You can check for reviews and focus on things like sound quality, build quality, and comfort.

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