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10 Best Soundbar Under $200 Reviewed

Are you Confused when it comes to buying the Best Soundbar Under $200? Then I would say Christmas Came Early this year Because here we have brought to you the Latest SoundBar Reviews which you can buy Under $200. 

So, How are you going to meet the coming winter if not by watching movies in the comfort of your home? Together with family and friends can enjoy the film work and other activities whenever it suits you with the experience that you cannot provide a TV or computer.

What distinguishes watching a movie at the cinema and at home are sharper and bigger picture and a better sound that gives the feeling that you are in the thick of the action. Soundbar tend to transmit these elements in your home, a training device with 3D technology, manufactured closely and it follows modern trends in the film, and therefore the desires and needs of customers.

Best Soundbars Under 200 Dollars

The soundbar allows you to feel the atmosphere typical of the cinema in the comfort of your home. It provides you with sound, and if you combine it with a new generation of TV, you will be able to enjoy in comfort of your home. These effects are the result of setting up surround system as well as new 3D features of the various devices that will make your home into one enormous satisfaction after work.

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Best Soundbar Under $200 Review Score
(Editor€™s Choice)
Samsung HW-K360
(Personal Favorite)
Pyle Wifi Sound Bar 9.7
Polk Audio MagniFi One
(Awesome Choice)
ZVOX 4003201 Audio Z 9.4
Razer Leviathan
(Best for Gaming)
BÖHM 60W BT 4.0 9.3
Sony HTXT2 2.1 9.4
JBL Compact Speaker 2.0 9.0
VIZIO SB3820-C6 8.9

Best Soundbars Under $200

1. VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Sound Bar

The Best Soundbar for TV is something that we need in every kind of way. When you are trying to get perfect sound quality on integral TV speakers, you will not adventure of real cinema until you get a complete surround system. This quality Sound Bar gives your home exactly what you need. The idea is to get a sound bar that is easy for using; that has numerous features which will give you the illusion of personal, home cinema, and after all, the sound is one of the most important features of every movie. So if you want to have ideal moments with your family, check out a new product with wireless subwoofer and 2.1 soundbar system that will give crystal clearness and optimal sound system.


  • It has 38.0 inches of 100dB of power output.
  • Wireless subwoofer gives you the possibility to put your sound bar wherever you are, and you have will eliminate pesky cables. With the new form of infrared wireless technology, you will not lose the quality of sound.
  • You could connect it by Bluetooth to your PC
  • It could be attached to wall and remote is included in package so that you could be able to control your sound level from distance
  • It contains 2.1 soundbar system that is paired with a wireless subwoofer that gives the crystal-clear quality of sound.
  • With Dolby digital audio standard you will have perfect sound definition


  • VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer has very affordable price
  • Impressive sound quality with wireless subwoofer is something that was a fiery tale, but now it became a reality.
  • Built in Bluetooth will give you possibility to connect it to your PC or cellphone


  • It doesn€™t have potential for extra bass sound
  • Range of wireless subwoofer is made with lesser range because of sound quality issues
  • It is maybe too heavy and big, but that is the reason for perfect sound quality

2. Samsung HW-K360 2.1 Channel 130 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

If you are looking to buy the best soundbar under $200, this is a product for you. With this model, you will get new stable features with a wireless sound system that doesn€™t lose any sound quality because of it. Once you try it on it will never be the same again. With the perfect application for your Samsung mobile phone, you can download from Android app store and have the possibility to adjust volume and another control table with your cell phone. That is not everything because with Bluetooth you can connect with your cellphone and listen whatever you want in perfect surround system that Samsung has made, yet.


  • 130 Watt of power with 2.1 channels will give you fully controllable sound bar system for your home entertainment.
  • It contains surround sound expansion with more realistic possibilities than similar products
  • You can control your sound system with Samsung mobile application which powered by Android system for full engagement possibility
  • It has HDMI and Bluetooth possibility of connection with specifically TV, but you could use it for PC or your cell phone.
  • It can be mounted on wall so that you could arrange it for satisfaction
  • It supports various formats like mp3, WMA so that you could enjoy without any worries


  • Samsung HW-K360 2.1 Channel 130 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar is made with various range of features and functions which will provide you satisfaction while listening to it
  • Considering aesthetic this type of sound bar has unique and beautiful design that could be easily matched with your interior
  • Excellent reproduction of sound with digital soundbar ideas and mid-range possibilities for your perfect ideas


  • It has only one way for high-pitched sound so that it could be aggressive with bass
  • Sub sounds could be different and subtle, so you have to adjust it to get satisfaction
  • It is maybe slower for control but that will only give you more wishes to find a perfect sound

3. Pyle Wifi Sound Bar Speakers

If you ever wanted to have a full surround system in your house in front of TV this is a perfect sound system for you. With all different features for your satisfaction, this top rated sound bar under $200 will give you perfect audio sound, with lots of basses and high sounds. You will be able to watch movies with full and ideal composition, and you could put them all around you. Another feature that this sound bar will give you is 3d surround audio system that could be connected to your PC or Mac for your perfect presentation.


  • It contains High power surround system with built-in Bluetooth and wireless streaming connection which allows you to make connection without cables
  • Pyle wifi Sound Bar Speakers – Sound Base have wireless receivers for perfect audio signal
  • With 3d surround system, you will get perfect cinema like feeling all around you
  • It has one mid-woofer, two full range speaker and one tweeter for treble sounds
  • With fully arranged bass you will be able to enjoy your perfect music
  • It has possibility to connects with FM radio, and you could also control EQ on remote controller
  • It supports various formats like MP3 and wave and contains also SD and USB readers
  • You could connect it to your PC and Mac


  • You could use it for listening FM radio
  • It is very easy to use and controls can be set up very easily.
  • It will connect very fast, so you don€™t have to worry about time.
  • With USB ports you can add music and because it contains SD reader you could engage with various types of music in order to get full idea


  • It has limited distance for connectivity, so you have to put them close to your TV or PC
  • There are various number of customers who said that display light is not so great and they cannot see it from distance
  • You can only control its volume from the remote controller.

4. Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar

Once you try this best budget soundbar your experience of watching movies in the home will never be the same. With the 3D possibility of engaging you will be able to find the perfect spot for it and it will allow you to enjoy in its quality sound no matter where you put them. When you are standing in the middle of them, you will feel heart racing, sound effects like they are in front of you, and maybe the best thing is that no matter where you stand it will feel the same. The controller will give you the possibility to engage with the sounds so that you could adjust it by your measures and affinities. With Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar you will be engaged in home cinema experience with the highly affordable price for this kind of luxury and product.


  • It contains voice adjuster, and that is something that makes this product unique if we look different types of sound bars for this price
  • With 3.1 sound bar channel and Wi-Fi subwoofer, you will get full surround satisfaction just like you were in the movies
  • It has digital sound system with 5.1 decoding processor which is made by Dolby and contains various programs and EQ for better and unique sound
  • With Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to connect it with your cell phone and listen to whatever music you like
  • It also contains dynamic balance drivers which will give your sound bar clear and perfect sound you always wanted in your house.


  • Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar will fill your room with perfect sound that you always wanted to hear and feel
  • Subwoofer gives perfect and clear sound that will give your heart bouncing effects
  • Design is made for every interior possibility and its size could feet wherever you want to put it


  • It doesn€™t contain HDMI sockets
  • Remote could be hard to understand
  • If you enter invoice adjust program, it will change your sound balance.

5. ZVOX 4003201 Audio Z-Base 320

If you are a fan of the deep and clear sound of your surrounding and if you want to get perfect environment effect and 3D system you will gratefully enjoy with this best soundbar for music. After all, everything you need is a small amount of money, and you will be able to engage in different environment sound system. With this product, your life will never be the same. With the integrated subwoofer, you will be able to have a great bass sound that will explore depths of your heart, and it will give you pleasure in watching TV with your family and beloved ones.


  • This particular sound bar contains surround sound but without any wires and multiple speaker solutions.
  • It doesn€™t include a subwoofer, but everything is built inside, and that gives to sound deeper EQ possibilities.
  • Vocals will be perfect because it has integrated sound card which will give you another perfect perception of movies in your surround effect
  • You could connect it to your IPad or Mac, and it has portable connection possibilities that could be adjusted by the remote controller.


  • It is very compact and size adjustable, so you won€™t even notice that it€™s here and no matter the size power is the same as similar types of sound bars with the bigger sound system.
  • You could boost your speech voice with remote controller EQ
  • It also contains panel display with various features that give you possibility to control its volume without remote controller


  • Sometimes it can make vibrating sounds that could bother you while watching something important
  • When you turn the volume to maximum, you could hear distorted sound of screeching which could annoy you in some circumstances
  • Design of remote controller lack of power so it could be easily broken

6. Razer Leviathan – Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar

If you have the desire to play your favorite game and to hear realistic surround sound this is the best value soundbar for you. With all additional features, your gaming will never be the same. Of course, you could use it for different occasions such as watching movies with your family or just listening music while you are doing something else, and you will always experience perfect and ideal sound with lots of EQ possibilities. Save time and money by watching movies from your armchair. Soundbar systems can be complicated at first, but the manual is here to guide you, and you will understand that features are as simple as possible and they explain the main characteristics of these types of devices.


  • 5.1 surround sound is specially made for movies and games so that you could enjoy your favorite activity with perfect and realistic sound.
  • It comes with Bluetooth and wireless possibility of streaming so you could connect it to your phone and listen whatever you previously wanted
  • This particular product comes with perfect bass sounds for music lovers, but the bass sound doesn€™t affect middle and high range that are also here to make your sound realistic as possible.


  • is very affordable, and you will get music performance you deserve
  • Subwoofers have clean bass sounds that you will instantly feel in your chests
  • With Bluetooth connectivity, you could easily stream from your PC, laptop or cellphone whatever you want to listen


  • It comes with no remote controller
  • It is mainly made for gaming and music, so voice performance doesn€™t give you full satisfaction with other product of the same type
  • Razer Leviathan attracts dust on its parts because of its black design in which you could see every piece of dirt.

7. BÖHM 60W BT 4.0 Connectivity Sound Bar

Best bluetooth soundbar consists of a whole package of multimedia playback device €“ a TV or projector, sound system and a device that provides content on the screen. Sound bars are developing rapidly, and the number of people who watch movies over the Internet is growing too, although you can still watch your favorite video heroes through a DVD or Blu-Ray discs. Blu-Ray films are the material of the highest quality and deliver the best experience of watching movies or series when used with high-quality display (TV or projector) and a good sound system.

Screen size is usually the most important item when someone buys a home theater. It ‘s hard to achieve cinematic quality when they should bother to see all the details. The large screen of 40 “and larger are the best choice, but the image quality is equally important. LED screens are replaced by LCD as the best option for the home theater market. 3D option means that the program is viewed with 3D glasses, but brings incredible viewing experience, which is often better than the real picture.


  • Its small design is perfect for your room, and it doesn€™t lack the sound quality because of it
  • Bigger and better sound than other products with same capabilities
  • It has three EQ possibilities: for movies, for music and for night
  • Various options for connection like Bluetooth, Aux or optical cable
  • It comes with remote control, cable and user manual
  • It is perfect for video games because it will give you 3D sound you always wanted


  • BÖHM 60W BT Sound Bar is made by first class materials which allow you do engage with it for long set of years
  • With it, you will get all cables that you need for perfect 3D surround system
  • Even though it comes with no external subwoofer, it has powerful basses


  • Bass sounds are very strong, and they are not adjusted with power of treble and mid sounds, that could be very annoying
  • It doesn€™t have a night mode, so it will still stay strong during the night.
  • Consistent sound cannot fluctuate so sometimes music will be standing in front of voice perception

8. Sony HTXT2 2.1 Channel Sound Base with Bluetooth

It is the same if you have a cheap soundbar in your living room. As the name suggests, virtual home theater gives you the feeling of going to a classic movie theater, but this can only be achieved if the viewer ultimately drowns in your presentation. There are several ways to achieve this, but the most popular is a 5.1 home theater system. In larger rooms would eventually have to set a delay of sound from some speakers so that the sound from each came to the viewer at the same time.


  • It comes in only one piece so that you could put it under your TV
  • With wireless and Bluetooth control you could easily connect it to your PC, laptop or cell phone so that you could listen to music from your favorite application or directly from your cell phone memory
  • You have possibility for perfect surround multi-room sound
  • You control your TV and soundbar with the same remote with HDMI connection
  • You could connect it with Google Cast and stream your music application
  • It has USB port for music and movie playbacks


  • With very generous feature list you will be able to make different types of sounds
  • Detailed sound will give to music lovers perfect combination of digital sound and quality details
  • Its design is made for dynamic environment, so you will not even see it and the music will give you virtual surround that could be ideal for your evening hanging with family


  • Its high frequency is not that good as middle and bass.
  • Integration of bass could be better because it provides deep but not so much detailed sound
  • It could be heavy because of real components

9. JBL Compact Speaker 2.0

JBL Sound bar speaker system is in the great soundbar under 200 which is used to upgrade the sound of your TV. The most commonly it contains 2.1 €“ channel speaker system (2 speakers and a subwoofer). The subwoofer can be installed and dedicated, wireless or connected cable. An increasing number of sound bars owns wireless subwoofer that can be placed anywhere in a room near the outlet (and at a reasonable distance from the sound bar). Most of these devices contain some form of virtual surround sound.

Some of them are just broadcasting the sound from two speakers, while others are using tricks to get you to think that the sounds are coming from different directions. Some of them are using carefully targeted drivers who refuse the sound at you from the walls and thus simulate the surround sound effect. It can be connected to almost all TVs on the market and has components such as HDMI inputs and outputs, the ability to connect to the phone via Bluetooth and to listen to the music directly from it or tablet.


  • It contains digital audio processor with optical view made by Dolby
  • With Bluetooth streaming, you can connect it with your different types of gadget so that you could stream music from your favorite applications
  • It contains dual bass port for perfect design and deep sounds that will make your heart bounce
  • You will experience surround sound without any cable or wires
  • You will get JBL Soundshift that will work on your TV and mobile device in the same time so that you could switch between those two sounds, which allows you to make music mix and other types of enjoyment you will get by purchasing this particular sound box


  • It is designed for long time use because of its simplicity and very compatible interior
  • With balanced sound, you will engage with perfect surrounding effect you always deserved in your home
  • It has great voice level, and music is well balanced to the sound of the voice


  • Bass is poorly built, so it doesn€™t have enough power like middle and high frequencies
  • It is made for smaller rooms, if you add it in bigger one sound will go away.
  • The design of remote control is badly made, and it could break down quickly.

10. VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

You bought a new TV, set it up and realized that the sound quality had not kept pace with the image quality. Do you want to enjoy your music, movies, and TV content, then the first thing that comes to mind is to buy surround system? However, whether this is the best solution? If the room where the TV is small or medium in size, you might consider one more time? Small rooms are more suited to a smaller number of speakers. The effect that you would get by installing a surround system in larger spaces, in smaller would be lost, and therefore its purchases accounted for, literally speaking, a waste of money.

The best soundbar for TV may not be able to create a cinema atmosphere in your room but will give you better sound quality as opposed to the speaker of the TV. These speakers are becoming poorer how screens are becoming bigger. The reason is as thin TVs with ever larger screens, which leaves little space for their installation. Therefore, the speakers are often weak, and in some cases placed so that the sound spreads in all directions except towards you. In relation to the television broadcast, sound bar gives you richer and clearer sound.



  • It is made with two channels and 38 inches of power output with 100dB strength
  • It doesn€™t contain external subwoofer, but it still gives the virtual surround possibility
  • You can connect your cell phone via Bluetooth so that you could stream whatever you want from it
  • Of course, you could attach in on your walls because it comes with that possibility
  • With product, you will get remote controller and manual
  • It has a limiter which gives to your sound barrier. It cannot go to distorted sounds because when you tune it to maximum limiter will protect your sound bar amplifiers


  • It contains great entry level for television
  • Bass tones are excellent since it includes two speakers
  • Sound will be great no matter the size of the room
  • You could always mount it on the wall


  • VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar doesn€™t contain HDMI connections
  • Front LED display could be illuminated
  • Connectivity for Bluetooth is 30 feet
  • If you don€™t mount the sound bar to the wall, your USB port will be useless

What should you know when purchasing a Soundbar?

  • The best soundbar under $200 can block the remote sensor on your TV. It is crucial that you match the dimensions of sound bar with free space in front of the TV (if you choose to place in that position) in order to avoid overlapping sensor if it is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • The remote is not always part of the package. While the optional remote only contribute to chaos among the controls, a connection to a soundbar to the TV via remote straight can be a headache.
  • Some sound bars do not have the front display. Although it aesthetically looks very nice, it can be frustrating when you cannot see how the enhanced tone, and how to select the input.
  • In some cases, the device includes the output for connecting a subwoofer or is it necessary to buy separately. Those with a built-in subwoofer to save space, but also in low tones that can provide. If you want to be shaking bass, then the better choice sound bar with a separate subwoofer.
  • Not all sound bars suitable for wall mounting. If you still want to buy a sound bar which is set in this way, keep in mind that the cables will not be able to hide. It can be tucked under the front of the TV or on a shelf, without the hassle and drilling the wall.
  • Pay attention to the connection provided by your TV and sound bar to make it easier to connect devices. Make sure that the audio input as the audio output on the TV and sound bar that you can support the device to be connected (e.g., DVD). To avoid unnecessary effects at this point, it is not advisable to connect part of the device through the TV, and the other part through the sound bar.
  • Soundbar doesn€™t need to have an HDMI connection, even though it has become an integral and required part of every audio/video devices in the market. However, if the sound bar does not have HDMI option, you are limited to the inputs provided by your TV.
  • Although sound bar contains some form surround sound, it cannot give you surround sound that you get by incorporating surround system. They provide high-quality sound, but you will at best have a feeling that the sound bar is higher than it really is.


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