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10 Best Open Back Headphones [2018]

“Open back headphones have ports that permit sound to enter and exit through the ear cups”. Audiophiles and engineers pick them in light of the fact that the sound can be more regular, open, and exact (than closed back headphones); offering a wide stereo picture and expanded the profundity of the field.

For blending and mixing, the sound delivered by open back headphones all the more nearly approximates screen speakers. Although most headphones are “closed-back,” which is to state, the external piece of the earphone containers has a hard fenced in area.

Best Open Back Headphones

Open-back, as you’ve most likely figured, leaves the back of headphones open. When all is said in done terms, closed-back headphones are intended to confine you from the outside world. It’s simply you and your music. The drawback is the music is significantly more “in your mind” sounding.

The drawback to open-back is most likely self-evident: everybody can hear what you’re tuning into, and any encompassing sound gets ideal in and blends with your music. Open-back headphones aren’t perfect by and large, and not everybody cherishes the sound. In any case, for those that do, it can be an alternate experience.

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List of Best Headphones with Open Back

We have collected some of the greatest open back headphones for you with the goal that you can choose what is appropriate for you.

1.Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

The HD 598 doesn’t depend on computerized trickery to accomplish its magnificent feeling of space. Audio is conveyed through recessed drivers and an open-back plan, and the sound recoils off of cover reflectors for a feeling of more prominent scattering. The outcome is a lightweight combine that figures out how to convey a sonic field that sounds more like a room than drivers squeezed against your head. Since the HD 598 is an open-back headphone, it projects some sound outward. People around you will probably hear your music in case you’re tuning in to direct loud volumes.

You don’t get much in the method for trimmings, however since the HD 598 isn’t expected to go anyplace, the absence of a conveying case or defensive pocket is more understandable. Still, in this value, it is pleasant to see something other than a lonely connection and a 3.5mm connector. On the off chance that you plan to use them for individual tuning in at home or in a calm place you shouldn’t stress over that.

These headphones are very much planned, fit your head splendidly and are amazingly lightweight. They are made out of plastic however they don’t look meek. Various links would increase the value of the bundle. The best part is the astounding spatial profundity the HD 598 gives is the 100-percent acoustic plan, sans advanced impacts or endeavors to copy encompass sound. The HD 598 is earphone home sound at its best.

Sennheiser HD598 SE is an exceptionally equipped mid-fi earphone that is both amazingly agreeable and ear-satisfying. It has great bass augmentation, vivacious treble, and adjusted mids that loan to an open sound stage. It is open back and can be heard by people around you, and, you can hear them too. Thus, the ecological sound shrinking is poor. They don’t overlay or accompany any approach to transport them. The bass augmentation is observable more noteworthy, the soundstage more extensive, the trebles twinkle only a tad bit brighter, and the mids request an engaged consideration.


  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Parities treble and bass well
  • Tunes sound characteristic
  • Amazing Sound
  • Greatly Comfortable


  • Long, awkward sound link
  • Poor sound isolation
  • Costly
  • Unpleasant Color (But you can Go for the Black Version)
  • No case/pocket

2. Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250

These are the open arrangement, studio-survey headphones assessed at 250 ohms drivers. That infers, for driving these headphones you require an intensifier. It can moreover continue running with the help of conservative battery-driven amps in case you are an adventurer. The higher impedance infers clearer the audio. The headphones are of high comfort because of the harsh, sensitive headband and moreover, the ear pads are of fragile velour paddings.

If you are hunting down a level response, this may not be for you. Since these headphones do a little piece of shading for the sound at low and high terminations and to some degree more significant bass response. Along these lines, they sound awesome and consistent. Something else, the sound getting sorted out is glorious, you can hear the purposes of intrigue outstandingly well, and making it most suitable for mixing. This headphone is verifiably is not for an incredible audiophile. Exactly when appeared differently in relation to other pro studio open headphones this is spending neighborly and won’t break your bank.


  • Great sound organizing
  • Significantly pleasant
  • More significant bass and trademark sounding


  • Requires an enhancer for driving

3. Sennheiser HD 600 Open-Back Professional Headphone

The HD 600 is an audiophile open element hey fi/proficient stereo earphone. The propelled stomach configuration takes outstanding waves bringing about a perfect sound free of ancient in frequencies and acoustical irritations. The HD 600 is an awesome expansion of howdy fi stack or devoted a listening room, and is a most loved among racing engineers worldwide. Sennheiser is glad to bring up that the HD 600s utilize PC enhanced neodymium magnet frameworks, which should limit bending, to drive lightweight aluminum voice curls.

A 9-foot Y-link (one wire to each earcup) conveys your tunes to the drivers and is ended in a gold-plated 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo smaller than usual jack association. (Sennheiser additionally incorporates a phone connector for the bigger earphone jacks that snap safely over the littler earphone plug). The higher surface of the Sennheiser HD series are the most effective on head audio devices you’ll be able to get and to be honest apart from minor refinements there’s little or no that separates them in sheer audio quality.

The HD600 do what you’d expect an associate music lover headphone to be. Right across the frequency vary, there’s a mass amount of detail and a splendidly large soundstage that displays equally smart extents of depth and dimension. The midrange and high-pitched are implausibly immersive. Build quality is high mark as could be a comfort once getting used to the enclosed velour pads. If you do not need to travel all out on value, however, need associate audiophile grade headphones which will work with the majority genres then this might be the right fit you and it’s one of the best open-back headphones in the market. 


  • Nice for compounding and listening
  • Comfortable
  • Created for all sized heads
  • Smart treble, bass, and midrange


  • The cable might be developed

4. Audio Technica ATH-AD900X

The open-upheld ATH-ADG1 over-ear headphones are an exceptional breed inside the universe of gaming headsets, essentially in light of the fact that they’re so pleasant: tremendous, luxuriously lined glasses strengthen your head; a subsequently adjusting 3D wing band gives the thing a plume light weight, and a strong mix of plastic and aluminum ensures extraordinary strength. For great, to some degree unwieldy open-supported headphones, these Audio-Technica’s look proportional measures of business and party, and they’re so light you’ll in all probability neglect you’re wearing them.

A little, versatile intensifier extends from the left ear glass, basically converse a covered calm catch that is inside the straightforward reach of either hand. The mic swings in a 45° curve, from just over the mouth to demonstrating straight down. Both the versatile impact and mobile slider are firm, which implies you probably won’t pound the mic abnormal accidentally. Since this is a gaming headset, you need to achieve something past interface it to and tune in€”your voice ought to be tuned in, too.

Fortunately, Audio-Technica hurls in a gold-plated growth connect that fills in as a jack splitter for specific sound and enhancer hookups. This infers on the off chance that you’re basically fine-tuning into a single player diversion, you needn’t worry over a gathering of free jacks, in any case, you can without a lot of an extend filing the microphone in with the general mess for the multiplayer craze.

The last piece of the jumble is a distinguishable USB DAC (progressed to-straightforward converter). A DAC is a truly standard ornament that defeats any obstruction for ultrabooks or more prepared tower PCs without inborn sound cards. Without a sound card to control the ADG1 over-ears fittingly, they just won’t sound OK, so this enhancement is definitely welcome, paying little heed to the likelihood that it isn’t out and out basic.


  • Crisp highs, wide soundstage, remarkable with vocals
  • Commanding however not unforgiving presentation
  • No amp required
  • Broad windy sound
  • To a great degree pleasant


  • Lacking bass impact, highs can be imperceptibly debilitating, can be basic with sort
  • Without the flexible band mod, they’re unbalanced
  • Shabby connection

5. Philips SHP9500 Hi-FI

The 9500’s have an expert dark-on-dark look to them. What emerges to me quickly is the monster L and R’s that concretes the sentiment these are more for melodic delight than style. That being said despite everything they have a tough casing with mammoth swiveling earcups. The cushions themselves are made of a strange material that is very agreeable and inhales enough for my ears. They are likewise goliath and will fit each measuring head and ears with ease. There is a 3.5mm jack on the left-hand side, which is great. You can change out the monster springy link that is incorporated with any standard aux link you like.

These headphones have an extremely loose stable. These headphones are somewhat treble centered and can be a bit sibilant now and again. That being said the treble is as yet vaporous and exceptionally smooth. The mids are superb and keep the casual sound that described the treble. It appeared that the earphone couldn’t pull off the bass when tunes got especially alert or including an extraordinary volume of frequencies at all levels. This was especially an issue in EDM, due to the overwhelming bass in the class. Other, more acoustic classifications, be that as it may, sounded delightful.

Traditional music particularly. Indeed, even with the twisting in the bass, these headphones are as yet incredible incentive for around a modest rate. You could likewise switch up the sound with a touch of modding. Despite the fact that the earpads are guaranteed to be non-removable, they can be evacuated with a touch of constraint (be mindful so as not to tear the material) and they will fall off the lodging. This uncovers a few pins which you can reattach the pads to later.


  • Agreeable
  • Gamer agreeable
  • Shocking sound quality at its cost


  • Direct bass amount,
  • Sloppy cushions cause sweat

6. Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

The Grado SR80e are on-ear headphones, the new type of the SR80i released the larger section 10 years back. Headphones have changed richness in that time, yet the SR80e are much like the SR80i, however with a little-changed frame and redesigned drivers. The Grado SR80e are open-back headphones with foam pads that are permeable. They close out no disturbance. Taking all things into account, the Grado SR80e are best used as a piece of a quiet circumstance, where sound spillage won’t wind up being a disturbance. Their fit is unpredictable.

Like all greater Grado headphones, the SR80e’s pad foam is really firm and doesn’t feel as fragile as cowhide padding. Along these lines, they don’t offer a luxury like fit; they’re not as pleasing as various headphones at the cost. Regardless, I’ve had the ability to wear them for two or three huge chunks of time with no real discomfort. Comfort is in like manner aided by those metal shafts that expand from the headband. The holders swivel wholeheartedly around these, allowing the headphones to fit your head in a brief instant.

Extra things in the Grado SR80e box are thin, with no pass on the case included. There is a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm connector, though. The Grado SR80e aren’t sensible for all occasions. Regardless, they do offer wonderful sound at the cost. Bass punch is staggering for two or three on-ear headphones, all the more imperative when you consider that the SR80e use grilles on the back of every holder that open the driver pit to the outside world. Open headphones tend to have more diffused bass. These are uncompromising headphones €“ immensely. Nevertheless, they won’t be for everyone.


  • Key and low down sound
  • Speedy, punchy bass


  • Defective arrangement
  • Not as much as luxurious comfort

7. Status Audio OB-1 Open Back Headphones

If you belong to the category where the brand is less important to you than quality then this is for you. This headphone is quite less-known studio headphone. If you’re searching for the simplest budget studio headphones while not compromising with quality, you cannot be wrong with these ones. It is a low-cost device, making it an ideal option. These wonderful studio monitors, sanctioning you to combine and turn out soundtracks that do not turn out to be trash.

The headphones come with 42mm drivers, providing you with a flat frequency response starting from 15Hz – 30 kHz, over what the human ear will hear. The sound is superb, particularly after you crank up the degree, it is a sound analytic machine. These have an excellent cushioned over-ear cups and band, that offers you excellent comfort whereas within the studio for hours. They work sturdily over your ears, providing you with sensible comfort. Except for these specs, the planning makes the headphones collapsible, meaning it’ll be your travel companion.


  • Affordable
  • Sound isolation is sweet
  • Comfy
  • Flat frequency response


  • Not an audiophile-grade

8. Audio Technica AUD ATHAD500X

Carrying on the custom of the air course of action, the AD 500X is as pleasant as ever. Most headphones, even in the Circumaural class, end up achieving some kind of burden or the other. It is conceivable that they’ll get hot, or the headband securing weight gets unreasonably altogether a little while later, or the sound itself can stimulate things like bass exhaustion. The AD 500X with its lightweight honeycomb aluminum bundling and magnesium diagram structure gives off an impression of being immune to these issues.

The sensitive surface lined earpads are pleasant for increased tuning in and the self-altering 3D wing maintenance as Audio-Technica calls it offers density to keep the sacks on your head. The 53 mm drivers reproduce totally clear solid with basically the suitable measure of bass. You’ll see that the drivers are further a long way from your ear than with for the most part headphones. This adds to the whole “open” feel and the soundstage is truly wide too. Being open, there is a lot of spillages and little separation. In any case, that is less a dispute since they’re not proposed to be flexible. You’ll listen to them inside and preferably in a tranquil area. At the cost, the AD 500X is the top choice in Circumaural headphones for home use.


  • Phenomenal duplication of the higher end of the range
  • Open, blustery, for all intents and purposes “sparkly” stable
  • Supreme comfort


  • Level response optimists would’ve wished it to be fairer
  • Not to a great degree fitting for little heads

9. AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

Regardless of whether you are searching for an activity, experience in gaming or just tune into your most loved recordings and sound resistant, quality sound through your headset has any kind of effect. Yet, in the event that you don’t favor speaking with different players or don’t require a voice talk, a couple of headphones is sufficient. Much the same as the AKG K 240 semi-open studio headphones. With its semi-open Circumaural plan, it can change any music to a model listening background. While getting your work done, you more likely than not go over some specialized terms.

This alludes to full measure headphones €“ the regular enormous and agreeable cushioned ear pieces. It is built to accomplish most extreme sound isolation. This could be one of the colossal components of AKG K 240 headphones. These expert review headphones are fit for creating clear, great sound with low-level yield sources, for example, PCs, compact CD or DAT players, and minidiscs. Along these lines, you get extraordinary sound regardless of what gadget you are tuning in from.

The K 240 Studio’s structure includes a customizable headband to accomplish the ideal fit. A solid yet adaptable steel outline empowers this movability with no activity required by the client. Additionally, the headband is worked to oppose contorting and are sufficiently strong to last all through travel and in front of an audience utilize. You can even utilize the K 240 Studios for single-ear tuning in. These headphones from AKG accompany a 3 m OFC screw-sort link that is separable and replaceable. It is developed of 99.99% without oxygen copper and incorporates plugs on both finishes that are plated in gold.


  • User-Friendly and lightweight
  • Soft pads or cushions deliver good sound
  • Protects from sweating
  • Classy sound
  • Low voltage gear


  • Flexible headband agents
  • Horrendous stock cable
  • Not by any means a design thing
  • Bass is boomy and restrained

10. Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

The HD668B highlights a fundamental yet practical improvement of dull plastic and vinyl. The cushioned split headband arrangement is indicative of higher-end Audio-Technica and Philips headphones and wipes out the necessity for a submitted headband length change. The vinyl used on most of the paddings isn’t of particularly incredible quality but it does what needs to be done, as do the plastics used all through the structure. The HD668B scores additional attentions for the breakaway connection arranged an inch or so down the line.

Two lengths of connection €“ a 1m advantageous string and a straight 3m studio interface €“ are joined. Additionally, any 3.5mm extension connection can be used as a piece of their place. Regardless of the way that the HD668B is publicized as a semi-open headphone, it gives great isolation and breaks basically nothing. At sensible volumes, these are usable even in a library. Expectedly, the bass reduction is nonexistent and the mids are clear, crisp, and point by point.

The clearness of the 668B puts nearly most of the additionally esteemed headphones I’ve heard to disrespect. To the extent alter, the midrange is a touch laid-back stood out from something like the HD25, however, then the Superluxes are more spacious when in doubt. If there’s anything defective about these, it is their portability€“ while they don’t look as huge as my AKG screens, go with a smaller length connect, and coexist with battery-controlled sources, they are still full-measure jolts that don’t cover and really aren’t attempted to be stuffed in a sack. For use at home, the HD668Bs sits on the resistance.


  • Incredible value.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Brilliant detail levels.


  • Unreasonably energized in the treble.
  • Looks shameful and not up to the mark.
  • Feel shabby and plastic like.

Final Verdict on Open Back Headphones

While there are such a variety of best open back headphones that are super costly, considerably pricier than exaggerated sets from mainstream brands, frequently than not these are justified regardless of each penny due to the measure of pleasure and clearness. On the off chance that you are one who will put resources into a couple of headphones for expert utilize, this is for you.

For music fans who just need jars that can give them wonderful sound quality, open back headphones would likewise be extraordinary choices. These above-talked about headphones are the best at its cost. The greater part of them having 2 years or more certification improves them even. Pick smartly and utilize your cash. Since these headphones can serve you as your travel accomplice as well.