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10 Best Headphones Under $200 [2018]

Looking for the Perfect Headphone, then this List of Best Headphones Under $200 can help you choose the very best. In the current fast-paced world, headphones are used almost everywhere, by almost everyone, be it a full-size headphone or just an earphone or even a telephone headset.

The use of headphones in recent times has increased drastically. People listen to music on-the-go, take classes online, make calls on mobile phones, play games on Internet, watch movies, and almost everything that requires headphone on-the-go. Or, they may also use for professional purposes like DJ, music recording, call centers, audio engineering, or any other purpose which require them to sit in a place.

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Hence, it is very important to own a high quality headphone which does not damage the user’s ears, provide comfort for extended hours of use, be durable, provide high-quality sounds, provide sound accuracy, give bass experience when required, and provide natural sound experience, noise-isolation feature and noise cancellation for a better experience.

Best Headphones Under $200

With the increasing number of options in the market, it becomes more necessary to analyze and buy the best quality headphone which suits your need. Best quality headphones are essential, but best over ear headphones are expensive too. Hence, it is not only important to research the best quality over ear headphones but also find pocket-friendly headphones too. Best quality over ear headphones if found under $200, then, it’s the best buy and you can also check the Headphones Under $300.

Best Headphone Under $200 Review Score
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
(Editor€™s Choice)
Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro
(Personal Favorite)
Bose SoundTrue Headphones II
(Top Pick)
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 9.3
Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition
(People’s Choice)
AKG Acoustics K701 9.0
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO 9.1
V-Moda XS 9.0
Beats Studio 2.0 8.9
Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X 8.7

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Best Over Ear Headphones Under $200

Let’s take a look at Some Really Good Headphones under $200:

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica is a Japanese company. They design, manufacture and sell professional headphones and other audio equipment. Audio-Technica headphones are applauded by sound engineers and reviewers every year. Audio-Technica M series model is a very critically acclaimed Sonic model. This model of headphone comes with detachable cables which are a very new, interesting and its comfortable headphones.

They have large 45mm aperture Drivers. They come with 90 degrees swiveling ear-cups which allow you to monitor sound easily and provide sound isolation. The build is robust. A bluetooth adapter is provided for wireless use. It also provides a high bass response. The user can go hands-free with this headphone while on-the-go. It is also provided with playback controls.

It is collapsible which makes easy storage and carry. The cables are interchangeable. They come in two colors €“ White and Matte Grey. This headphone is an improved version of its previous model and is available for less than $200.


  • The build is excellent which makes it durable and the sound reproduction is detailed.
  • They offer sound balance and tight bass.
  • The headband is very comfortable which does not make the user tired of using it.
  • The extra cushion in the ear-cups provides more comfort for long-session use.
  • The cord is detachable.


  • There is no integrated microphone for making calls through mobiles.
  • The bulky design makes it unsuitable for mobile use.

2. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro 

Beyerdynamic is a German company. They manufacture audio equipment. They produce headphones, wireless audio systems, microphones, and conference systems. It is one of the old audio companies. This is a studio headphone, and they are good for analyzing music. It includes the advantages of open, transparent and closed headphones. You can also Check Best Headphones Amps.

The improvisation brought in the system equalization turn makes it the best over ear headphones under 200. They have soft, sliding and adjustable ear pads.


  • They are the most comfortable headphones available in the market.
  • They come with a well-padded storage case.
  • They use a standard mini-plug connector, but also included are €“ 15-foot extension cord, ¼ inch adapter.


  • They are unsuitable for use with iPod.

These robust, easy serviceable headphones have a comfortable fit which enables the user to use it easily. This model is a remake of the DT-880 which comes with analytical abilities makes it the best fit for audio engineers and professionals.

3. Bose SoundTrue Headphones II

Bose Corporation is an American corporation. It is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. They design, manufacture and sell audio equipment €“ speakers, headphones, audio system and others. They have a huge customer database from all over the world. They provide high-quality products. They are also known for their noise canceling headphones. The headphones are designed with the featured Triport technology which provides deep, clear and lifelike experience to the user while listening to music.

The headphone is slimmer than its previous versions. It comes in 2 colors €“ Charcoal Black, Navy Blue. The headband has soft pads. The ear-cups have memory foam cushions which allow the user to have long-term comfort. The earcups can be folded flat for ease of carrying. The headphone has an in-line microphone and remote to switch between music and calls. They do not contain the noise canceling feature. There are two variants of this headphone, one for Apple devices and the other for Samsung and Android devices.


  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • It offers excellent sound quality and well-defined bass experience.
  • It is a new design.
  • It has a wider headband.
  • It is more durable than the old headphones.
  • The ear-cups are sealed, hence noise-isolation is easily done.


  • Can’t Find Any!

Bose headphones are known for their quality. This model is the most comfortable and full-size headphone with a durable design.

4. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser electronics is again a German company. They design and manufacture audio products €“ headphones, microphones, telephonic accessories and others. Their passion is to provide peak performance. They produce high-resolution and deeply reaching sounds. The sliders are made of steel and headband is covered with leather.

The ear cushions are of a new design. The ear-cups are designed to provide great comfort. The jack plug allows the user to use the headphone in mobile devices. The cable is detachable and replaceable. It has an integrated in-line remote to switch between calls and music and also to control volume. They have 2 variants, one for apple devices and one for Samsung and Android devices.


  • They ear-cups are more soft and spacious.
  • It provides the refined sound of excellent quality.
  • It has a new folding design.
  • An in-line remote allows the user to use it with mobile phones on-the-go.
  • Both Apple device friendly and Android friendly versions are available.
  • The package includes a nice carry case.


  • It does not include cables for use with both Android and apple devices in the box.

Sennheiser has fixed the weakness of its momentum 1.0 model. Hence, making this model more comfortable along with great sound quality.

5. Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Headphones

Sennheiser electronics is again a German company. They design and manufacture audio products €“ headphones, microphones, telephonic accessories and others. Their passion is to provide peak performance. This model offers high quality and value in every aspect. It includes the Sennheiser’s proprietary transducer technology and the E.A.R design.

These are premium and audiophile headphones. They come with an open-back. The headband is padded with leatherette material. The ear pads cover the ears completely and are soft. It contains premium components only which provide great efficiency. They have detachable cables and in-line remote and its the best open back headphones under 200.


  • They provide wide open-back sound which allows the user to comfortably use the headphone for long sessions.
  • They offer a well-calculated and powerful bass.
  • They are good for watching movies and playing games too.
  • Hence it suits even kids and teenagers who use laptops, TV for playing games and watching movies.
  • The package also includes a 3.5mm headphone plug adapter.


  • They do not come with a storage case.

This model provides the highly detailed sound of great quality. This is recommended to anyone who wants an open soundstage and precision quality of sound.

6. AKG Acoustics K701 Reference Class Headphones

AKG Acoustics is an Austria-based company. They manufacture headphones, microphones, and other audio related systems and accessories. They are the first company in the world to use the flat wire technology which revolutionized the audio world. These headphones come with an open back. They provide high sound accuracy.

They also provide excellent imaging. They have a two-layer diaphragm with a patented Varimotion for a highly accurate bass response, which makes it a really good headphones under 200 bucks.


  • These headphones are great for some genres of music.
  • They have great build, design and provide great comfort.


  • They are great only for some genres of music and not for all.
  • Bass quality is not great at times.

The flat wire technology makes this headphone unique. It is suited for both professional and personal use.

7. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

Beyerdynamic is a German company. They manufacture audio equipment. They produce headphones, wireless audio systems, microphones, and conference systems. It is one of the old audio companies. This is yet another great product by Beyerdynamic under the $200 range. The series DT 770 PRO, DT 880 PRO, and DT 990 PRO series had been invented in the early 1980s. Since then, millions of people have become fans of Beyerdynamic and have contributed to the extension of Beyer dynamic€™s customer database.

This is a fully open-back headphone. This is a professional version of DT-990. DT-990 has been awarded many times. The diaphragm is of extremely lightweight. The headphone gives an impulse performance of great quality. The headphone has sound reproduction capabilities of excellent quality. It has a robust construction. It is easily serviceable and all parts are replaceable.


  • The open back design provides a wide sound stage.
  • This is an up front and involving headphone.
  • The parts are easily detachable and replaceable. This is a significant aspect of this headphone.
  • The headphone offers excellent sound quality and clarity.
  • It provides good bass performance.
  • It also includes imaging replacement.


  • It gives too much bass at times which is a bit annoying.
  • During extended usage, the user may get tired.
  • The ear-cups have a relatively shallow depth.

Overall this earphone is one of the best in the given price range when you do not want use for extended sessions.

8. V-Moda XS [Best On-Ear Headphones Under $200]

V-Moda is an American company based out of California, U.S.A. It is a private company. It specializes in the design and manufacture of audio products. These audio products are of high-end and mobile. Their products include €“ headphones, portable amplifiers, earphones, ear plugs and their accessories. These headphones are highly preferred by professionals €“ DJ and audiophiles. It comes with M-class Dual-diaphragm drivers which deliver bass mids and highs without any overlaps. It cuts noise through passive noise isolation.

It provides great sound quality which is why it is preferred by professionals. The 5+ years of R&D provide an obsessive quality control. It includes precious metals like raw brass, 14k rose gold-plated, 14k gold-plated, rhodium plated, and stainless steel. The fiber usage makes it lightweight and gives a matte touch. The headphone is durable due to its steel frame. The size is small making it highly portable. The cables are detachable.


  • This is a compact model which makes it easy to use with mobile devices.
  • The design is sturdy, hence making it durable.
  • It can be folded into a small carry case, hence easily portable.
  • It is better than the earlier model M80.
  • It has a reinforced detachable cord.
  • It has an in-line one button remote and microphone.


  • The design does not suit everyone.

This headphone is a compact design, high performance, and one of the most preferred headphones under the $200 range.

9. Beats Studio 2.0 Wired Over-Ear Headphone

The Headphones provide active noise cancellation. The ear cups are foldable making it easy to fit your luggage; cables are detachable. The headphones are of lightweight compared to earlier versions. It also attracts more fingerprints than a CSI crime scene. The build quality is perfect which makes it durable. The headphones are smooth and soft. They are very comfortable. It is suitable for jogging. It is easily portable.

It comes with three cables €“ red audio cables, one with remote, and one without a remote. It comes with an internal battery which has a micro USB charger and the battery charge can be used up to 20 hours.


  • It is comfortable.
  • It is a mix of noise cancellation and isolation.
  • A head-hugging feature of this headphone is an improvement which allows users to use it even while jogging.
  • It is easily portable.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.


  • The thick sound harms the separation of sound.
  • The upper mids are quite harsh.

Given the cons, it is still one of the best headphones which provide great sound quality and is very comfortable. Since it is suitable for jogging, it makes it good for daily use where joggers can listen to music on-the-go.

10. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

Audio-Technica headphones are applauded by audio engineers and reviewers every year. These headphones are ideal for long listening. It provides a natural listening experience. It comes with 53mm drivers which are quite large and reproduce both treble and midrange clearly. It has Copper Clad Aluminum Wire Voice coils which enable superior power handling. It is entirely open-air best headphones under 200 in 2017.

Its pressure is not felt on the ears, hence provides a nature sound sensation. It has excellent acoustic properties. It comes with a 3D Wing support which does not require any manual adjustments. The ear cups fit the ears completely. The ear pads have a flexible raised fabric which provides great comfort to the users wearing it. The cord has high conducting capabilities. The TPE sheath does not allow the cord to tangle. The stereo connector is gold-plated.


  • It has a vast sound stage as it is open-air dynamic headphone.
  • The sound clarity is magnificent.
  • The cable and headphone are of excellent build quality.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The cord does not tangle even though it is 3.0m long.
  • It has a strong cable memory.


  • The cord is twisty as the headphone comes with a 3.0 m long cable.
  • Bass is lacking according to some users.

This headphone is great in quality, sound clarity, and comfort. It is one of the best in the range of more than US$ 200.


Whether you want to buy an Audio-Technica headphone or an AKG Acoustics headphone or Beyerdynamic headphone or a Bose or a Sennheiser or a V-Moda or a Beats headphone, if you do not want to invest more than $200, then buy any one of the headphones listed above. All of them have relatively same features with slight variations. Depending on your requirement in the variations, you can choose the best headphone for you. This will give you a sense of satisfaction while making your decision. All you need to do is just go through the above list clearly and make your choice easier and faster and order the right one for you.

So what are waiting for? Make your choice and decision now. Order now. Happy Shopping and Happy listening. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Headphones Buying Guide

Do you want to make a hand’s free call? Do you want to listen to music? Do you want to attend a training session? Or do you want to watch videos on your computer? Most importantly, do you want to do any of these without disturbing others? Then, it is important to own a headphone with or without a microphone depending on your requirement.

Headphones usually use cables to connect to the audio source. They have a 6.35mm or 3.5mm jack. Nowadays, many kinds of wireless/cordless headphones are also available which use blue-tooth connectivity to transmit the audio signals to the user. Wireless headphones transmit audio signals as radio waves to the users’ ears.

Right Headphones For Everyone

Circumaural headphones

They are also known as full-size headphones. They have the ellipsoid or circular ear pads which make it encompass the ears. Since they cover the ears completely, they may be designed to cancel noise. They are usually heavy due to their design. Some headphones may weigh over 500 grams or 1 lb. For increased comfort, the headband design should be ergonomic, and ear pad design should be good. They are commonly used for recording by drummers.

Supra-aural headphones

These headphones have ear pads which press against the ears. During the 1980s they were used to bundle personal stereos. They are comparatively lighter and smaller than Circumaural headphones. They may also provide less noise cancellation due to their smaller and lighter structure. They may also provide discomfort during long sessions. Also, the comfort varies with the ear-cup material.

Open or closed back headphones

Based on the type of ear-cups used, Circumaural and supra-aural headphones can be further differentiated into three types:

Open-back headphones, which have an open back ear-cup. Due to this design, the sound may leak outside and also let external sounds inside while giving a natural or speaker-like sound.

Closed-back headphones, which have closed back ear-cup. The ear-cup design block some of the external or ambient noise. They are also strong at reproducing lower frequencies as compared to open-back headphones.

Semi-open headphones, which are an in-between model of open-back and closed-back headphones. They partially block sound while allowing some sounds through openings or vents.

Ear-fitting headphones

These can be further subdivided into types:

Earphones, which are small headphones which directly fit on the outer ear of the user. They are very convenient and portable due to the size but are considered uncomfortable. They do not provide noise-isolation or noise cancellation features. Hence, the user may be at the risk of losing hearing capability.  They are usually combined with personal music devices. They also come with foam pads for comfort.

In-ear headphones, which are also known as canal phones or in-ear monitors. They are inserted into the ear canal. They have a higher quality than earphones. Hence, they are also used by audiophiles, audio engineers, and musicians. They provide noise canceling capability to a certain extent.  They are usually made of silicone rubber, foam or elastomer. Castings of the ear canal for custom in-ear headphones provide more comfort and noise cancellation.

Choosing the Best Headphones Under $200 in 2017

Nowadays many companies offer headphones which provide the users with a broad range of options in different price categories. Some of the known brands are Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Bose, Sony, V-Moda, Avantree, COWIN, Behringer, BRAINWAVZ, and others. These and many other companies have been trying to continuously bring in new types of high-quality headphones for better comfort, durability, experience and portability. They have also produced dynamic headphones which provide impedance and increased sensitivity.

Impedance is a quality which reduces the current flow through the headphones hence protecting the user’s ears. Headphones with high and low impedance are both available. 16 €“ 32 ohms are low impedance headphones and 100 €“ 600 ohms are high impedance headphones. Higher the impedance, lower the current passage through headphones.

Sensitivity is a quality of headphone which measures how efficiently the incoming signal is converted to sound by the earpiece. This indicates the loudness of the headphones for a given electrical drive level. It is measured in decibels.

Headphones have had many applications since its inception. They may be used with personal computers, mobile devices, CD and DVD players, home theater, mp3 players, audio players and other portable devices.

If the headphones are cordless, they are not connected by a cable. In cordless headphones, radio or encoded infrared signals are sent through a transmission link like €“ FM, Blue-tooth, and Wifi. Cordless headphones are used for Silent Disco.

Headphones were earlier used by professionals like audio engineers, DJ, aircraft pilots, music recording, call center employees and others. Professionals like DJ use headphones for sound monitoring.  A speaker is used to monitor own voice by a radio DJ. In the military, many types of audio signals are received which are controlled using headphones with high noise cancellation and noise isolation qualities.


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