Best Headphone Amplifiers Under $100-$200

It’s time, you start using the Best Headphone Amplifiers Under 100 & 200 because its all about Quality and a Good Amp can really Impact your Experience of Using a Headphones. You will Find some really Awesome Headphones Amp Under $100 as well as Under $200 in this list. The advancement in the gadgets has bestowed best the technology on the population across the globe. A device stores thousand of songs which can be accessed by a single click of a button or the touch screen.

People love to listen to music when they are traveling, making their journey more pleasant and to enhance the quality of music they are introduced to headphones. Over the years, even headphones have become a mere bunch of wires which just transfers the music.

Best Headphone Amplifiers Money Can Buy!

The amplifier was brought in to help the music lovers retain the originality of the song and provide better clarity. It boosts the audio signals making them stronger and powerful to provide more loudness. When best headphone amp are partnered with the high-end headphones you can feel the improvement in the sound of music.

The amplifier is the energy that the headphones require to power up the sound and quality to supply a better quality of music. The best headphone amplifiers will perfectly go with your choice of device to give you the required notch up of your music.

Best Headphone Amp Under $100 & $200

Best Headphone Amps Under $100 Review Score
FiiO A3 Portable Headphones Amp
(Editor€™s Choice)
Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7
(Personal Favorite)
Creative Sound Blaster E1
(Best Seller)
FiiO E6 Portable Amp
(Top Pick)
Behringer Microamp Ha400 9.1
Best Headphone Amps Under $200 Review Score
FiiO A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier
(Editor€™s Choice)
MonoPrice 113194 25 Watt
(Best Tube Amp)
Bravo Audio Ocean Mini
(Cool Looking)
Audioengine N22
(Best PC Amp)

Here I have put together some really Cool Headphone Amplifiers which you can buy Under 100 bucks and I am sure you will find your next headphones companion on this page, Make sure you Share this on Facebook and Twitter. Scroll Down to Check the Best Headphones Amp Under 200.

1. FiiO A3 Portable Headphones Amplifier

One of the latest and notably good product from FiiO A3 to drive Headphones with the simple interface and is hence a greater starter amplifier compatible with a wide range of headphones, earphones, and other in-ear monitoring systems. Has got better connectivity features compared to previous FiiO products with the best design. This product is suggested as the best seller headphone amplifier recommended for anybody fond of their headphones and such gadgets.


Perfect design: High/low gain and bass boost switches are at the front for quick access, auxiliary input is at the bottom for improved connectivity and heaviness of around 92 grams. Has got a rotary volume control and a fully discrete bass boost circuit.

Excellent Battery Capacity: Battery capacity of 1400mAH is provided so that its runtime is never less than 16 hours. It takes a charge time of 2 hours (240 minutes) to get it fully charged.

Notably good output power, frequency range and signal to noise- ratio: It has an output power of 450mW at 16ohm (270mW at 32ohm); AD8397 is the power amplifier used along with OPA1642 as the voltage pre-amplifier. The frequency range is 20Hz- 20kHz and the signal to noise ratio is greater than 108dB.


  • Along with the in-box accessories like the silicon bands, rubber feet, USB charging cable, owner€™s manual etc.,
  • A warranty card is also provided which offers warranty up to 1- a year which shows it is a standard quality product.
  • With the excellent quality offers the product is relatively affordable.
  • With its incredible 1400Mah battery, the runtime for almost the whole day is guaranteed.


  • The curved shape gives it the look of a product which is not handy.
  • Also, too much power is wasted as it holds sensitive IEMS.

2. Bravo Audio V2 Class A 12AU7 Tube Amp

This amplifier has great sound in a small package. The amplifier is popularly known for its tube-like sound. Because of the tube multi hybrid, it is quite expensive. It is one of the best tube amp for headphones under 100. Some other important features that distinguish it are as follows:


Great Design: The amplifier has red and blue LED lights that keep blinking when the amplifier plays. It has an input jack of 3.5 mm in size. It is quite an open type of design. At the top, there is a capacitor sticking out and on the sides, there are heat sinks allowing it to cool off.

Sound Quality: It can be used with various headphones and works exceptionally well with an iPhone. It has a video with music encoded with various MP3s and play stations.

Sennheiser HD555: This makes for a great addition to the music of the amplifier and this helps the amplifier to produce a relaxed sound. It highly increases the quality of music and has a very special effect on the bass. The amplifier has the distinction of producing greatly refined music along with the added benefit of the tube like music.


  • Its high-quality music is the amplifiers greatest advantage.


  • There is a lot of radiation of heat because of the heatsinks which are installed.
  • Another disadvantage that is even a short adjustment can lead to the instant increase or decrease in volume and frequency.
  • The design is not quite user-friendly and as it is open, a person has to be extremely careful while handling the amplifier.

3. TOPPING NX1A Portable Headphone Amplifier

This headphone amplifier is universal for MP3/MP4/mobile phone/computer with a small, compact and sleek design for convenient and easy use. For audio quality, high- performance chips designed by TI CO. Ltd is used.  Also available with no or negligible distortions. For any gadget geek, this is the best portable headphone amplifier available which provides the deliver the full potential of the low sensitive headphones.


Classical circuit design: With the selection of high-quality alps potentiometers as audio devices and with high frequency and low resistance capacitance and resistance and low loss it has the most reliable lasting durability.

Excellent battery capacity: 1000mAh battery capacity which gives 22V working voltage and the battery life can reach up to 4hours. It can automatically adjust to charging currents i.e., with 2A current to get fully charged within 60 minutes or so and playback time up to 100hours

Notable output power and signal to noise ratio: With a suitable impedance of 16-300 ohms; the output power is around 100 Mw and the signal to noise ratio is 105dB.


  • This provides an additional feel to the music tracks with no or fewer distortions or muddiness.
  • The audio experience will give let the user feel the power and kick for the track being played.
  • The manufacturers promise a battery life of 100 hours.
  • ALPS potentiometer, EPCOS Capacitance, WIMA capacitance offer a guaranteed quality to the product.


  • Besides a few features, the product is not much unique from other regular amplifiers.
  • It seems to possess only those features that any regular amplifier should have.

4. Creative Sound Blaster E1 Portable Headphone Amplifier

This electronic device has the quality of having the best portable headphone amp 2017. Along with this, it is also the best headphone amp for pc and smartphones. It proves that all good things come in small packages. The amplifier literally is as small as a matchbox and weighs just 25 grams. Some of the main features of this amplifier are as follows:


Accessories: The amplifier has gained the reputation of being the best headphone amp under 100 because the entire package is wrapped quite neatly. It has accessories like the USB cable and an interconnecting cable that is 85 cm in length.

The technical qualities: The output this amp gives is approximately 1.93 volts. It has a gain of 6dB. It has an enormous battery life of 25 hours, which means that it can go on for quite a while without completely drying out.

Dual headphone-out: The two headphones out are independently driven. This implies that by connecting two headphones the sound quality will increase and not lead to any noise.


  • It has many great features which are its greatest advantages.
  • It also has an affordable price.
  • There is no quality loss but sharing of music along with headphone splitter.
  • It has a lithium battery which makes it more durable and efficient.


  • It has a really small size that makes it quite easy to lose.
  • All the features are only workable.
  • The amplifier does not excel in any particular quality or feature.
  • It is usable but not quite enjoyable.

5. FiiO E6 Portable Audio Headphone Amplifier

This is one of the best among other and also in big names. It offers functions that no other counterparts can think of providing at such the price. This doesn€™t mean that with the low price they compromise the product. It is explicit in style and in demand because of its decent price in the market. There is no doubt its a really Brilliant headphone amplifier under 100 in the market with remarkable features. All the features are present in much small yet fashionably designed case.


Easy on the Pocket: People who are afraid of digging their pockets and shelling out money on devices like this are attracted at such cheap price. It offers almost all the features that a high-end headphone amplifier offers at such a lower price.

Compatible and Portable: It is very light in weight which makes it easier to carry and comes handy. The belt clip that is attached to the edge of the box allows more comfort to clip it easily while you travel, take a walk or run for your cardio. It is loud enough to give you the pleasant time of music without hurting your ear for a smoother experience.

Plus Points: Mini USB port can be charged by any charging wires. The 3.5mm input and output socket in the bottom edge make it more control-friendly and definitely the best portable headphone amplifier. The power button is not just for that purpose but much more, it works as an EG selecting mode when held for a while. Indeed it€™s offering more than the price and the features are just tempting enough to attract any person to give it a try and be awed by its quality.


  • The small size and the light weight give it more advantage among the people who need handy devices.
  • The price is absolutely low for the kind of features that it is offering at such a low price in this device.


  • The belt-clip provided could have been more authentic inbuilt to make it last longer.
  • It seems very fragile and utmost care is required in using the device.

6. Behringer Microamp Ha400 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

The 4-channel stereo headphone that is compatible with almost any kind headphones available. The HA400 is undoubtedly the best headphone amp under 50 in the list of amplifiers. It provides the highest sound quality and for all the four dedicated channels to control the stereo. This is not just great with its features but the price adds on to its impeccable advantage.


Multi-Connectivity: If you are the band that has four people in regular sessions that there can€™t be anything better than this. It is one of the best for such occasion available at a price that one can never think of for an amplifier. The interface is just as simple as the price without any distortion in the signal and amplifies the signal comfortably.

Convenient For Mixer: Though it has 4 outputs and four people can plug in the same time. As there is only a single input there has to be a mix for this matter. This can be used for a single instrument only. This is perfect for short events offering fascinating features at such a low price. it is compact, the value is just great, sound quality remains a plus factor and it is durable.

Best Choice: It offers features so tempting that it is hard to not go for this little box. It is the best 4 channel headphone amplifier under 50 available in the market for studio and band purposes.


  • The four numbers of outputs certainly give it a unique feature and make it stand different in the list of other amplifiers.
  • The sound quality remains it€™s most sought after feature in the device allowing it more options.
  • The different channels have their independent volume buttons to adjust it accordingly.


  • No matter it has four different outputs allowing four people to listen at the same time.
  • It has only a single input which gives it the most disadvantageous factor in the amplifier.
  • It can€™t actually be useful for every occasion and has specified its users beforehand.

Best Headphone Amplifiers Under $200

As Mentioned above, I have put together some of the Best Headphone Amp Under 200 Dollars, which you can use to enhance your Music Experience.

1. FiiO A5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

This is a recently introduced electronic device that claims to be one of the best headphone amplifier under 200. It is equipped with high gain and low gain settings and is an improved version of the Mont Blanc unit. It is a great package with an affordable price. There are some other features as the following:


Sound Signature: The main important feature is that it has a very low noise floor on both gain frequencies. The amplifier provides a well-defined and clear sound.

Durable Build: The amplifier has a sleek body and is quite damaging resistant. This makes it much more durable and strong. On the side panel, there is a USB charging port. It is built with really small dimensions and has an aluminum chassis. There are red and blue LED lights to indicate on/off.

Increased battery life: This amplifier has a battery life of almost 12-13 hours, which makes it usable on the go every day. It takes three hours approximately to charge it up and it can be charged by a USB cord with the help of a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.


  • Along with the above-mentioned features, some of the pros of the amplifier are it is not heavy, has a durable build and low noise floor.
  • It has a great output power and very low distortion of noise.
  • It is built of metal.
  • It also has a great and savvy look and has gained fame for all of its wonderful features.


  • There is a great need for a negative gain switch in the amplifier.
  • The gain switch also cannot be operated with ease.
  • The logo is encrypted weirdly on the amplifier which spoils the otherwise excellent appearance.

2. MonoPrice 113194 25 Watt AB Power Amplifier Hybrid Tube Amp

It is not a hybrid by name but with the extravagant features that it has to offer. The 25 Watt tube amplifier system can be coupled with twin speakers of 50 watts each. The Bluetooth allows it more novelty when it can be played with just a touch from a distance. This is what makes it a hybrid system, powered by the solid state amp and still a tube. It is one of the interesting amplifiers that grab much attention in its functionality. You can simply plug in, put on your favorite music and listen to the sound quality it has to offer.


Tube Amplifier: It is hard to tell when the amplifier plays the sound that is nothing like the other amplifiers. The tubes allow it to provide a better passage to the sound to travel and render even better quality of music. It is compatible and contemporary and trendy at the same time made with a view to offering a burst of the flavor both classical and modern.

The Bluetooth: The built-in Bluetooth gives you another option to stream music without having to insert wires either in the system or in the device. The sound quality might be compromised if listening via Bluetooth but still the sound quality is remarkably noticeable in this device. The device is very charming with its UV effect meter and you can enhance the treble and bass to your requirement and enjoy music.

Perfect Replacement: This is the best suit device to replace your home stereo with. This tube amplifier and the Bluetooth features are enough to convince any person who is ready to shell out a decent amount of money on an amplifier that is both in sound quality and built-in design.


  • The superior design and the tube give it an edge over the other devices in the competition.
  • The Bluetooth adds another plus factor in its feature.
  • This makes it very viable and convenient amplifier for the people looking for good sound quality and easy to operate devices.


  • Yet the design and not very impressive and better quality devices are available at the same price range.
  • It has a classical touch and people in this era won€™t very much be fascinated by this feature a bit.

3. Bravo Audio Ocean Mini Valve Class A Tube Headphone Amplifier

The product is claimed to be not just a hybrid tube amplifier but also has got a very a clean, clear yet airy sonic character. The excellent quality of the product offers the users a balanced as well as enjoyable experience. It has also got 100 hours of burn-in due to valves needing to extend burn-in time.


High -quality casing and design: A standout design with its entire case made of highly brushed aluminum. The volume knob has a smooth rotation and the internally everything is fixed on PCB with good soldering rather than manual wiring.

Burn-In: Has got 100 hours of burn-in which improves with time; mid -bands will sound more open, airy and natural.

High gain: Has fixed high gain of 30dB which makes it an extremely powerful amplifier. For neutrally or slightly brighter dynamic headphones will go perfectly with this product.

Tube- roll ability: This is an added feature. It has the ability to roll 12AU7 family tubes on ocean amp giving it a very clean, clear and airy sound which is a real treat for the user as it offers lifelike 3-D soundstage.


  • Metallically built with excellent damage prevention and retention.
  • Even the interior build is firmly set and well soldered on PCB.
  • The audio presentations have excellent quality which gives a lifelike audio experience to the user with airy and clear sweet mid -bands.
  • 12Au7 tubes can be rolled in minimal cost giving it a 3-D soundstage.
  • Any set of cans from 20-600 ohms of impedance can be driven.


  • Due to heat emission from IRF510 Mosfets and the hot casing itself makes it really hot during functioning.

4. Audioengine N22 Desktop Audio Amplifier

The N22 offers a great quality of sound when connected to your PC, speakers, iPod or headphones. It is a high-end headphone amplifier which is compact and powers the stereo integrally. It provides a maximum number of features and very well built in design and available at worth the money. It is an expensive unit, but looking at the features it seems to be genuinely priced.


Small but Powerful: You can install it wherever you want whether in your home or in your office owing to its small size. You can connect to your devices such as your smartphone, your tablet, iPod or PC for that matter without having to look for any other app to run it. It can play loud music on speakers with comfort and has outputs for subwoofers as well.

Single Touch: There is just one button to make it easier in control and functioning. You just have to click on the volume button and adjust the volume as well. You can also run it wirelessly by plugging a USB adapter in the dedicated port to enjoy music without any fuss.

Resourceful: You are free to connect directly any of your devices into the Audioengine N22 Desktop Audio Amplifier and listen to a better quality of music. You will love the voice and the sound quality that it has to offer and filling the gap between a PC and home stereo system. It is certainly the

It is certainly the best headphone amplifier for PC under 200 available at the moment in the market. You are assured of the sound and no other amplifier can stand at par with this device to compete.


  • The sound quality provided by the amplifier is best in this range and no other device can match up to it.
  • The features offered are huge and compared to the price it is worthy of every penny that it is been asked for.
  • The functioning is simple and smooth rendering it user-friendly and convenient to connect to various systems to enhance the sound quality.


  • Although, it feels a bit cheap with the plastic body whereas if it would have been steel built the impression would be precious.
  • The body is not justifying the expensive amplifier set at all.

Why You Need a Headphone Amplifier?

It Improves Sound Quality

The amplifier will significantly increase the quality of sound, allowing you a better listening experience. The devices are made in such a way to make it portable and with all other features to render it more efficient. There are various reasons why the amplifier is compromised and cheap sets are used which are often multi-purpose and low in quality.

When the best headphone amplifiers are dedicated externally to any device it advances the quality and offers better sound and clarity to the songs. This ensures that you have the best of the experience of listening to music when you are plugged in.

It Offers More Power

The power that is provided in the smartphone or the MP3 devices and tablets is not enough to drive the expensive pair of headphones. When they don€™t get the required power it is usually noticed that the sound is quite dull and the essential constituent of music, the bass is missing.

It is also because even when these devices don€™t get the adequate power they still work without the sufficient power to drive them. An amplifier provides the proper power that is needed to run these headphones to supply you a better quality of music. Your headphone will certainly work but as well as it actually can without the amplifier.

It Increases Impedance

Most of the high-end headphones that are built have a high impedance, making it more suitable for the leisure time at home. But the headphones, which have the low impedance don€™t offer the same quality of music as the high impedance devices.

In order to use the high impedance devices on your smartphone or tablet, you need an amplifier that can enhance the quality and provide you with the best results when listening to songs. It will offer you a terrific experience of music with better bass, clear sound and the additional soundstage.

These are the few reasons why you need an amplifier for your headphone. It provides you with a better platform when you are plugged in and listening to your favorite songs. The bass, sound clarity, and the music experience will transform giving you the best of the time.