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[Top 10] Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

A lot of people have quickly embraced Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50, and they are selling like hot-cakes. Even so, there are some factors that you should consider before buying the best cheap bluetooth headphones, and they are:

How to choose the Best Bluetooth Headphones

  • Their sound quality: if you are going to spend your money on these devices, you must make sure that the sound quality is excellent.
  • Its functionality: you should consider how effective the headphone works as well as its simplicity in operation.
  • The comfort offered: the headphone should be made of materials that will provide you comfort and especially for long hours.
  • Battery life: check to ensure that the device lasts longer when fully charged.
  • Pairing: it should be able to pair up with multiple devices.
  • Technologies used: you should look at the techniques used to develop the Bluetooth headphone so as to decide whether it is what you want or not.
  • Its aesthetic appeal: you do not want to buy a headphone that does not complement who you are.

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Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50

Here is the list of Best Headphones With Bluetooth Under 50 Bucks:

1. August EP650 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

This wireless Bluetooth headphone device is one of the most liked Bluetooth headphones under $50. The manufacturers of this device just put their genius minds together to come up with this device, and they managed to bring out a device that captured the attention of people. Fashion and style were put together to bring forth an attractive device, and technology was utilized to make it one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones. This device has some of the most interesting features that have enabled it to gain massive acceptance and love. The Bluetooth version used on this device is Bluetooth v4.1.


  • This device has 6mm drivers that ensure to give you high-quality sound. These driver units ensure that the bass is crystal clear while the treble is sharp enough and perfectly defined.
  • It offers easy and simple connections to either your smart phone or your tablet and does not require any wires. It can also be connected to devices that do not have Bluetooth configured through a 3.5mm connecting cable that is usually provided.
  • It has an inbuilt microphone that lets you pick your calls without necessarily having to access your mobile phone. This just makes life very sweet.
  • The earpiece has a remote control that comes in handy when you need to skip forward or backward through the playlist, answer calls or hang them.
  • This device can provide you with over 10 hours of play time at any given time, and it only requires 2.5 hours to be fully charged. This play time is great in that you will have a maximum entertainment time.
  • This device is available in the following colors; black, red, gold, and silver,

2. Bluedio T3 (Turbine 3rd) Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

As the name suggests, this device will give you that extra bass that you so much wish to hear. This Bluetooth headphone under $50 is a member of the Turbine headphones, and it is the 3rd generation. It has been made to be better than the second and to last longer that the second generations. These headphones give you a three-dimensional sound experience that will just take your breath away. This is primarily the reason why it is so much-loved among all the Turbine headphones family. It simply has some of the most amazing features. The Bluetooth version used for this device is Bluetooth v4.0+EDR.


The manufacturers of this device clearly understood fashion and simplicity in that as much as it is fashionable; it still looks simple and appealing to many. You will definitely question the price when you discover it is a Great Bluetooth headphone under $50.


  • The frame is made of an alloy, and this makes them adamant and consequently very durable. At the end of the day, you need a guarantee that it will last, right?
  • The device has excellent sound production and the in particular extra bass. This invention utilizes 57mm drivers designed with a tantalizing diaphragm which helps to minimize sound distortion by anything around the environment.
  • The inbuilt microphone has a sensitivity of 42dB, and it is made of silicon. This microphone has a ratio of signal to noise, and therefore this means that your sound at the other end sounds very clear and that the noise is minimized.
  • The three-dimensional sound €˜feel€™ will make you feel like you are in a live concert. It will also make watching a movie far more enjoyable than any other headphones.
  • This device offers you a lot of comforts when wearing them and especially for a very long time. The foam used to make the pads is very soft and therefore gives a great €˜feel€™ on the ears.
  • You can use this device to listen to music and up to 20 hours or talk to people for up to 20 hours. Its standby time when fully charged is 1100. The ability to use it for this long will give you maximum entertainment.

3. Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

A Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear headphone is a very simple device, and this can be clearly judged from how it looks. As compared to others, this device shows simplicity at its best. Even so, its simplicity works best for others. We all have a different taste when it comes to wireless Bluetooth headphones. This device has some very appealing features, and you better believe it is among the best cheap Bluetooth devices available.


  • Its Bluetooth functionality means that it gives you the freedom to carry your playlist with you anywhere you go and at any given time.
  • It offers you up to 10 hours of uninterrupted play when it is fully charged. This means that you will experience the best 10 hours of your life every time you use this device.
  • It offers great comfort when putting to use. This is primarily because of its plush ear pillows that are made with synthetic leather.
  • With the in-built microphone, it easier for you to pick your calls and have a great chat with your friends, relatives, and even colleagues without necessarily removing the headphones.
  • This device gives you an excellent quality of sound that will make you enjoy the moment maximally.
  • This device comes in seven colors that you can select from. Some of them are; black/gray, bright/scribble, famed red, orange/navy, royal blue, white/gray/red.

4. Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Mpow Bluetooth headphone was definitely €˜built to spoil your ears€™ as €˜they€™ would say. The manufacturers took their time with this particular wireless Bluetooth headphone. Being one of the best cheap wireless headphones, it has gained a wider fan base among music lovers.  The Bluetooth version used for this device is Bluetooth v4.0. Some of its greatest features have seen to it that it has become one of the favorite Bluetooth headphones under $50.


  • Offers connection to your smartphone, tablet, television, computer and other devices up to a distance of 33ft.
  • It is foldable and, therefore, giving you an easier time carrying it around or storing it while traveling.
  • It has a stainless steel headband that slides giving you the freedom to adjust its size so as to fit you or anyone else that may want to use it.
  • It can either be used as a wireless device or a wired device. For use as a wired device, an audio cable is used to create a connection.
  • This device offers excellent sound quality because it has a CRS chip and a driver of 40mm. These two works together for the perfection of the music. It is practically better this way than having noise cancellation ability.
  • The ear cushion is memory-protein and it, therefore, has the texture of human skin. This means that you will be extremely comfortable with this headphone.
  • It has an inbuilt battery that will provide you up to 15hours talk time, and when you use it for other entertainment functions, it will last up to 13 hours. This is enough time to get yourself entertained before you need to charge it again.
  • This device has an inbuilt microphone that helps you receive calls or carry out other functionalities.
  • This device comes in two primary colors black-red and black-dark red.

5. Photive BTH3 Over-The-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

As one of the best bluetooth headphones under 50 dollars, the Photive BTH3 Bluetooth headphones will make you feel like you should pay more for it. It has an exquisite design that just makes you love it at first sight. As a wireless Bluetooth device, it uses the latest Bluetooth technology version 4.0. The manufacturers went €˜all in€™ for this device as it has its hard travel case keeping it safe when you travel and tour the world.


  • BLUEDIO T2 This device is very light and has a very slim silhouette making it a very convenient device for your travel needs.
  • This device only needs to be charged for a maximum of 3hours, and it will provide you will 12 hours of uninterrupted use for any purpose be it for calls or entertainment.
  • The 4.0 Bluetooth technology that is advanced is utilized so that you can enjoy the music even if you are 33ft away meaning distance is the least of your worries.
  • This device will always give you sound quality that is nothing short of excellent. The mid tones are crystal clear, the treble is very precise, and the bass is simply perfect. This is because of the 40mm drivers used.
  • Can be used as a wireless device or can be wired to the source of the media content using a 3.5mm cord.
  • This device can easily be paired to another of the same kind, and there is no need for any codes to be entered.
  • Photive BTH3 provides maximum comfort when in use because of its super soft ear cups. This paired up with its slim nature and its light weight; you definitely will enjoy the experience.
  • It has a stylish feel to it making you look stylish while using it.

6. Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The manufacturers of this Bluetooth device worked tirelessly to improve the previous version of the device so as to come up with our current Bluedio T2 Turbine wireless Bluetooth headphone. Even so, their hard work has paid fully as we now have a better device giving us the very best of music experience at all the times.

This device has some pretty amazing features that have wowed its users making them question if it is Good Bluetooth headphone under $50. Yes, the manufacturers have worked tirelessly to ensure that this device is a solution given to audio and communication issues. In their design process, they made sure that they brought out a perfect, fashionable and simple device and they did. This device has some features that make it standout.


  • The device can be folded making it easy to carry it along with you where you go as well as store it with a lot of ease.
  • The headband is strong and therefore is not subject to easy wear and tear.
  • This device can be paired up with another device of the same kind, and this is done by first entering their €˜pairing mode.’
  • This device offers excellent sound quality from its 57mm drivers for the Turbine series which the device utilizes. The sound production is simply amazing.
  • This device supports MP3 as well as WAV formats of sounds, Micro SD cards and also broadcasting of FM. Please, not that the device does not come with a micro SD card.
  • This device is highly compatible with devices like tablets, MP3 players that are Bluetooth enabled or smartphone. For other devices, check for compatibility.
  • This device can be put to use for up to 40 hours and therefore giving you maximum entertainment time.
  • The Bluedio T2 plus Turbine wireless Bluetooth headphone is available in for major colors; blue, black, white and red.

7. Ausdom AH861-BLACK Over-the-Ear Headphones

This is one of the budget bluetooth headphones that has received a lot of love from the music lovers. It has been well received in the market and has been highly appreciated since it was introduced to the world. The version of Bluetooth used for this device is Bluetooth v4.1+edr.


  • Has an inbuilt microphone that makes it easy to control calls and other musical functionalities.
  • Ausdom ah861-black over the ear headphones is foldable in nature. This goes to say that its portability is simply amazing and can be carried along anywhere without any hurdles.
  • It offers lots of comforts because the earmuffs are padded with leather material. Therefore, you will be comfortable while using it.
  • It has an inbuilt battery that can be recharged at will and it also can stay on for long hours up to 20 hours and while on standby, it can stay up to 500hours.  Its durable nature will offer you maximum entertainment.
  • It can either be used as a wireless device or a wired one. The headphones can be connected to the source of music using a 3.5mm cable.
  • It has a share me technology that enables its users to share media content across some headphones making it even more fun.  The only condition is that the headphones should have the shareMe technology.
  • It has a foldable earphone that is only perfect for activities such as workouts, sports, gym activities or any other activity.
  • This device comes in two primary color combinations, black and red as well as blue and white. Therefore you will have to choose depending on your liking.
  • Generally speaking, the shareMe technology utilized by this Custom ah861 over the ear headphone just makes it super fantastic.

8. Mpow Thor Bluetooth Headphones

As one of the many Best Bluetooth Headphones, Mpow Thor Bluetooth headphone has met the expectations of its target audience. Music lovers have reviewed this device, and they always have something good to say about it. Why should the not when it has clearly met their expectations? Let us begin with its ability to be folded making it easy to carry it with you when you head out; this is just a genius idea. This device also has the ability filter out any background noise that you may experience and especially on a windy day. This is made possible by the technology used that can cancel any noise.

The device can last you for about 8 hours when it is active non-stop and the inbuilt microphone is perfect for voice calls as well as controlling the other functions.


  • The sound produced by this device is of high fidelity. This is primarily because of its ability to cancel noises from the background like noise from cars, air conditioners, and even the wind. This technology used also makes sure that the speech is also crystal clear. Soft ear cushion
  • This device has a very high degree of comfort that will make you enjoy every bit of using it because it has a very soft ear cushion giving you a snugly feeling on your ears.
  • It can be used as a wired device or a wireless device depending on an individual. It has an audio cable that one can use to connect it to the source of music.
  • Inbuilt microphone that works when the device is used as a wireless device
  • The Very light headband is ensuring that there are no unnecessary burdens on you.
  • This device comes in two colors, gray and black

9. AUSDOM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

The manufacturer of this wireless Bluetooth headphone device is simply genius. Ausdom wireless Bluetooth headphone is one of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones currently in the market. The version of Bluetooth used is 4.0, and it consequently gives you the highest quality of stereo music coupled up with the high quality of speech that is crystal clear at all the times.

For music lovers, being able to use your wireless Bluetooth headphone for a whole day without needing to charge it is just amazing. As one of the best Bluetooth headphones under $50, Ausdom wireless Bluetooth headphone is capable of making this a reality. It can last you for up to 20hours and it gets fully charged within 2-3 hours.


  • It has removable earmuffs that you can remove and install at will.
  • The ear cushion is very soft, and the pads are made of leather. To make it better, the headband can stretch making it easy to adjust so that it can fit your needs. This makes the Ausdom wireless Bluetooth headphone a very comfortable device to have.
  • The sound is of high fidelity, the bass is always rich, and the treble is always extended so that the sound that it produces is perfect for your ears
  • The inbuilt microphone helps a great deal when it comes to giving you total control over phone calls or any other media.
  • This wireless headphone apparently can be used when connected t a device via an audio cable of 3.5mm or can be used wireless.
  • Ausdom wireless Bluetooth headphone comes in red, black color.

10. Status Audio HD One Headphones

This wireless Bluetooth headphone has shocked some people being that it is one of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones. It is simple yet provided its users with quality sound at all times. This wireless Bluetooth headphone has some of the greatest features that will excite you.


  • Gives you the low profile look and especially for those who do not like going overboard with their looks. Primarily, its lack of labels, logos, and brandings will be perfect when trying to maintain a low profile.
  • It has a rubberized matte finish that ensures no fingerprints are left behind. This also serves to prevent it from reflecting light at any given point.
  • It has 40mm drivers that ensure you get the best quality of sound for all genres of music. The frequency of sound in this device is very clear and the bass very articulate.
  • This device is portable and easy to store because of its foldable nature. It only collapses into a small object.
  • The €˜on-ear€™ design is simply genius. It is very light so that you do not have to bear any unnecessary weight on you and it is also very comfortable.
  • It has an inbuilt microphone that one uses in making calls as well as performing other audio functionalities.
  • This device comes in two specific colors; jet-black and Marathon. Depending on your taste, you will have two choices to pick from.


  • There are no cables that will be a nuisance when they get tangled up: Primarily, these devices are made to be used without any cables. Even so, there is a provision of connection cables if the source of media content is not configured with Bluetooth.
  • They offer great sound: most of the Bluetooth devices offer excellent sound quality as well as speech quality ensuring that you have a great experience when using them. The bass is always clear, and the treble is well-defined and precise ensuring that the general output is perfect. Some others have technologies that help them with noise cancellation.
  • They are affordable: this cannot be disputed no matter what. All the above devices are some of the best Bluetooth headphones under $50. Does it get any better than this? In this current era, these devices have flooded the market making them affordable.
  • They are stylish, and they are the current €˜in thing€™: this wireless Bluetooth device are currently trending in the world and following the pattern is what one should always do. You do not want to get left behind, do you? These devices also come with some of the greatest styles and can perfectly complement some of the trending fashions.
  • They have a multipurpose use: other than just listening to music; you can also answer calls with it as well as connect to your television.


Bluetooth headphones have been associated with some health problems.

  • Weight gain: with the radiation emitted and absorbed into the body, the natural energy flow of the body will be tampered with, and this may cause one to gain weight.
  • Loss of hearing: when these devices are used with very high volumes and continuously, one is at risk of losing their hearing.
  • Ear pain: if the device is made of heavy materials and the ear cushion is not that comfortable, them one will feel some pain.