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12 Best Workout Headphones For Running

Working out is really fun with music & Finding the Best Headphones for Running is not that Easy and that’s why we have Made this list of Awesome Workout Headphones. Without music, the workouts can be long and also very annoying.

Thus we can conclude that it is almost impossible to work out without music. Keeping this point in mind, the next important thing which we need to consider are the headphones which we use while working out. Even if one is in the gym and there is music one always prefers the music of own choice.

Best Workout Headphones 2017

There is a variety when it comes to headphones. You also have the option of going wireless and buying Bluetooth headphones. This depends upon the comfort level of the user.

 If you are using headphones for working out, then generally Bluetooth headphones will be preferable as wired headphones get tangled and can fall off if the position of the phone in the pocket is changed. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, this problem is out of the question, and one can comfortably use these headphones while running or doing any form of exercise.

Best Headphones For Running

The best headphones for running would be the ones which have a setting of changing the volume as well as the song. The headphones should have volume buttons for increasing and decreasing volume as well as changing the songs to the previous or next song.

While working out, it becomes tough to take out the device change the song and then continue again. Especially when you are not in a mood to listen to your usual workout playlist and are playing random songs this feature becomes very useful and convenient. Also, Check Best Headphones Under $200 and some Heavy Duty Earbuds.

The above are the main tips to consider while buying headphones especially for working out other than these tips you can also look for other things like sound quality, noise cancellation and so on, but do not comprise on the main factors.

Here is the List Best Headphones for Running and Working Out in 2017:

1. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose is a known brand for every music lover. They all are aware of Bose being a brand delivering their engineered gadgets in medium to high range but providing the best comfort and pleasure of listening and enjoying the music. They focus on the field for which they design the product. Bose’s Sound sport wireless headphones are specially designed for the users who want to exercise or gym while listening to their favorite tracks. It is a fitness headphone.

Bose SoundSport wireless headphone provides its users with nearly all the features they desire from a fitness headphone. It provides Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with any OS based mobile; it also provides connectivity through NFC compatible devices too. It has a pretty decent range of 30 feet, which suffices the cause of the product. It has a five-hour long battery support for its user to train for extra hours. Moreover, it comes with a resistant to sweat and weather change. It supports third party applications. For up beating the fitness it has a heart rate monitor. It has a single button on right Earbud which is responsible for powering and pairing.


  • Comfortableness: SoundSport provides its user with a flexible and standard neckband, saving the user from the problem of tangled wires. This acts as a savior from the tyranny of wires and hence help the user to enjoy training sessions without any issue of any sort.
  • Excellent Sound Quality: The users can luxuriate with the sound quality that this device provides with keeping the bass and treble at its best at each volume they choose.
  • Great fit: SoundSport has been designed for the users who love to enjoy their favorite tracks while training and hence it is bound to have an ear fit that does not hinder in user training and exercises.
  • Reasonable Price: Buying a great pair of fitness headphones is desired by every individual, but this desire comes with a clause of cost. Bose’s SoundSport fitness headphones are best in the market with non-outrageous cost.


  • No noise cancellation: The biggest drawback of this fitness headphone is that it lacks the feature of noise cancellation coming from the surroundings.
  • No dedicated fitness app: Bose has introduced many fitness gadgets but is yet to launch a dedicated fitness app for the fitness gadgets it launches.

Final Comment
Bose sound sports headphones are the best exercise headphones for fitness enthusiasts. The quality of sound it provides is far better than other headphones of its competition. And the most important thing that makes them the best working out headphones is that they will stay in your ears no matter what kind of exercise you are doing.  And then the other major factor is that the user can be less worried about the sweat damage problem since its sweat-resistant.

2. Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth Headphones are a very great pair of headphones, which come with a very comfortable fitting. The earbuds of these headphones are slimmer, and thus they are one of the best bluetooth workout headphones as they don’t fall off while running. Check some of the most comfortable headphones.

The Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth Headphones look stylish with winged earbuds, which look great. The sound quality of these headphones is also amazing, and they are perfect for working out. You can also use them for talking on the phone as the mic is located just below the earbud which is a comfortable position to talk. These headphones have a Bluetooth connection which has made them all the more convenient and user-friendly. One can also connect two devices at a time to these headphones. You can connect these headphones to both Android as well as iOS.


  • Design: The design of these headphones is very trendy, and thus one looks stylish with the winged earbuds.
  • Perfect Fit: The fit of these headphones is perfect, and one can quickly go running and do other things as well without the fear of the earbuds falling.
  • Sound Quality: The quality of the sound of these headphones is amazing, and one can get the best experience hearing experience with these headphones.
  • Bluetooth: The Bluetooth facility which is available for these headphones is very convenient and ensures easy use for the same.


  • Material: The material which is used for the material is pretty basic and definitely can be improved.
  • Bulky: The design of these headphones is stylish, but at the same time it also makes the headphones a bit bulky which is inconvenient to carry.
  • Bluetooth Connection: The Bluetooth connection is not that efficient, and there are some issues with the same. When one or more devices are connected, the connection is not that active.

Final Comment

The Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth Headphones are a cool pair of headphones, which one should own as they are comfortable as well as reasonable.

3. Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones are the headphones that every music lover would love to get. The sound quality of these headphones makes it worth buying. The noise isolation of these headphones is very high, and these headphones are magnetic, so they get stuck with each other. Related: Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2017

The features of these headphones make its price worth. The sound quality of these headphones is HD, and the bass is also very powerful. The isolation of the sound from noise is also very high which make the sound very clear. These headphones are completely waterproof and lifetime warranty is also provided against damage due to sweat. Earbuds of these headphones also fit very nicely in the ears. All these qualities make these headphones one of the best running headphones of the time.


  • Proper Fitness: The earbuds of these earphones completely fit in your ears. They will not fall whether you are for a workout or running. They will remain properly fit in your ears.
  • Smart controlling: These headphones are Bluetooth ones, and they are smart as well. You can control them with your smartphone.
  • Good Battery life: The battery life of these headphones is also good. These headphones get completely charged in 2 hours and then can be used for a considerable time.
  • Price worth: The qualities of these headphones make them completely worth for the price. So, you have no need to think that these are very expensive, do they deserve it?
  • Storage case: These headphones are also provided with a storage case.


  • Dropping of Bluetooth signal: Sometimes, Bluetooth signal also gets dropped in between and you need to connect that again.
  • Sometimes Wrong Battery Estimation: Sometimes, the battery that is estimated by the app is incorrect.

Final Comment

These headphones are something that everyone would love to have once they use it. Try it once, and you will automatically be convinced to have them.

4. TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth earphones are also one of the great headphones for the gym of the time. The reason behind this is its various outstanding qualities and features. The sound quality of these earphones is excellent. The isolation of noise is also very nice which makes the quality good. Various features and pros and cons of these headphones are given in the article.

You have no need to think about the sound quality and bass of these headphones. They are exceptionally good. These earphones get stuck to each other, so you can wear them like a necklace if you are not using them. They come with three different sizes of earbuds and three different ear loops, so they can be made comfortable for ears of different shapes and sizes. The Bluetooth can easily be connected to any smart device, whether phone or desktop or tablet.


  • Sound quality: The sound quality due to very high noise isolation is exceptionally well.
  • Properly Fit: These headphones are available in three different sizes of earbuds and three separate sizes of ear loops. So, they can be mounted with various shapes and sizes of ears.
  • Battery Life: Battery life of these headphones is also good. These can be completely charged within an hour, and with this one-hour charging, you can use them an almost complete day.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity of these headphones is also good.


  • Fallout Problem: Some people have faced this problem that these earphones, sometimes fall out during jogging, running or exercising.
  • Mic Problem: The quality of mic of these headphones is not as much good as its various other conditions.

Final Comment

These headphones due to its large qualities are one of the best workings out headphones. The qualities of the headphones make it worth its price. Just give them a try, and they will fulfill all your expectations.

5. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow is a well-renowned consumer electronics company which has operations in over ten countries, including cities like London, Berlin, and California and are distributed by a variety of channels. They create high-quality products and place a high value on customer satisfaction and giving the consumers what they require for improving their smart lifestyle.

The Mpow Cheetah is one of the best headphones for running. When working out, you don’t want to have a heavy headphone on, so not only do they run on the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which makes them easy to use, they are also extremely lightweight. They vibrate for incoming calls and also have an inbuilt microphone so that you can receive calls and talk hands-free. These headphones lock-in to your ears and don’t slip out so you can concentrate on your workout. The band behind the ear is sweat-proof and is fit for anyone with an active lifestyle. It pairs easily to all phones and has a volume rocker on it making it one of the best headphones for working out in this price range.


  • Stays On Ears: The Mpow Cheetah does not fall off the ears and stays in place for uninterrupted music.
  • Excellent Sound Quality: The sound from the headphones is good for a sports headphone.
  • Bluetooth Range and Ease of Use: Owing to Bluetooth 4.0, the Cheetah has a good range of about 30 feet, and you can listen to high-quality music and lag-free calling even if you move away from your phone. They are very easy to pair and use with very simple instructions.
  • Functions: They provide call accept, skip a song, and volume up/down keys on them which are really useful to have.


  • Fit: The cheetah may not fit people with a small head, they may require different ear-tips for getting the perfect fit.
  • Design: These headphones are brand from a design perspective. They look just like any other headphones in the market and have nothing special going on in the looks department.
  • Battery Life: The Cheetah can provide up to 5-6 hours of listening time, but that leaves something to be desired.

Final Comment

Mpow Cheetah is an excellent Bluetooth device with great sound and fit. If you’re looking for good headphones, which don’t fall off during your workout and are ready to sacrifice in the design department, these headphones are the best that you can buy.

6. Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The beat is a well-known brand to every fitness cum music lover. All the Apple devices lovers will obviously love beat’s gadgets since Apple now owns beats. The solid sports product of beats launched under the product name Powerbeats3 has gained a much effective response from the music enthusiasts. Powerbeats3 is considered as a great running headphones considering all the features it offers to its user.

Powerbeats3 has been designed similar to the fitness headphones that the music enthusiasts dream for. Beats have sprinkled their sassy design on this fitness headphone. It offers a perfect fit in the ear whether the user is running, hitting a gym and sitting, etc. the ear buds provide a comfortable and snug fit. The body of the earpiece is a bit large, but it can be neglected since the fit it provides is excellent. It has an inline volume controls and mic, which provides the user with the ease of shuffling your tracks. In sound quality, if powerbeats three the bass is the boss. The sound is on-point is worth each type of tracks on one’s playlist.


  • Appropriate Fitting: Powerbeats3 provides adjustable hooks on each side to adjust accordingly from user to user.
  • Durability: The feature of water and sweat resistance makes this fitness headphone a durable one.
  • Monstrous battery: It comes with a battery life of up to 12 hours through various workout sessions. And this has made an impressive difference.
  • Attractive look and design: It comes in the primary colors of black, yellow, blue and black. And it has been designed in a very sophisticated and mastered manner.


  • Expensive: Though the product has a lot to offer, it still cannot be afforded by each and every fitness enthusiasts because of the cost it comes with.
  • Majorly Apple-supportive: If the iPhone owner chooses to workout, then this fitness gadget will work the best for them, but for other operating systems it has received a wavy response till now.
  • No noise cancellation: The biggest con of this fitness headphone is that it lacks the feature of noise cancellation coming from the surroundings.

Final Comment

Apple’s W1 chip has made powerbeats three an exciting addition to headphones. It not only increased the Bluetooth range of the device but also massively extended its battery life taking it around 6 to 12 hours. It is the best workout headphones since it can be used for an hour after charging it for about five minutes. With comfortableness, battery life, glamorous looks and sound quality, powerbeats 3 have been rated as the best fitness headphone by many reviewers.

7. Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

The Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones are one of the best sweat proof headphones as they are meant for the same purpose. These headphones are sweat resistant and come in various colors. As they are meant for exercising these headphones are very comfortable to use and fit perfectly in the ears. These headphones are made for those people who enjoy music while working out. Bose is a very reputed company when it comes to headphones, and the Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones are specially meant for the sports and music lovers.

The Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones are featured in five different trendy colors which look magnificent when they are plugged in your ears. The slightly winged earbuds provide the perfect fit for the headphones and thus ensure the comfort of the users. There is also an inline remote which is featured on these headphones which enable the users to conveniently switch between the songs as well as increase or decrease the volume which is essential being sports headphones.


  • Floating Earbuds: The Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones have floating earbuds, which mean that they are not jammed directly in the ear and loosely float over the ear which takes care of the comfort of the users.
  • Inline Remote: These headphones come with inline remote which makes it extremely comfortable for the user to use these headphones while working out as one can adjust the necessary settings conveniently.


  • Expensive: One of the drawbacks of these headphones is that they are a bit expensive when compared to other headphones of similar type in the market.
  • Volume: The top volume of the headphones is not as high as other headphones, which are available in the market.

Final Comment

The Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones are an overall very great set of headphones for working out. Though they are on the costlier side, they are totally worth buying.

8. Monster iSport Freedom Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

The headphones are very comfortable and reliable. It is waterproof as well as sweatproof. Bluetooth option is also there so no need to leave other work and attend calls. One may do the work and also attend calls as while driving. It has amazing sound quality and strong battery backup. You can control your audio with these headphones as per your choice. The best part of these headphones is that these are washable. It has many advanced features. The headphones are a great invention! It is wireless making it more easy to use. It also enables the user to be in tune with the environment as well as providing supreme quality of sound.

It is very comfortable to use. It offers long-wearing comfort. It is waterproof and has a safety oriented ear tip design that allows you to be cautious about the environment also. It is a very durable and comfortable headphone. It is both sweat and waterproof. The ear buds are safe to the ears with no risk for infections. It has no wires so no tension of detangling the cables every time and wasting time. The sound quality is awesome. It is washable also; this feature makes it extremely unique.


  • Comfort: It is comfortable and safe for the ears. It provides good quality of audio you play. It lets you enjoy your audio or attend your calls without any discomfort to the ears.
  • Infection free material: The material of the ear buds is clean and germ-free. It won’t cause any damage to the ears and won’t let you have any ear infection.
  • Bluetooth: It lets you use Bluetooth and control your music and also attend calls while doing exercise. It is a very useful feature. It lets no hindrance come in the way of doing any work.
  • Sound Quality: It provides superior sound quality. It will let you be cautious about the outside environment while doing work and also provides a disturbance free sound.
  • Durability: It is a durable product. There will be no distraction in the way of doing important work. Stay focused with these headphones.
  • Washable: It is washable, making it extremely safe and unique. After every, one can wash it so as to ensure the clean condition.


  • Item has not got many demerits except the fact that it requires the proper use and it is very expensive.

Final Comment

The Monster iSport Freedom Headphones is a great product designed to give a comfortable and noise-free experience. It has many advantages. It is user-friendly and safe to use. It also provides superior high-quality sound. It does let you continue doing work while attending a call with the feature like Bluetooth. It is a durable and fantastic product. It is light and very comfortable for short wear.

9. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are a pair of wireless headphones, which are flexible and free of sweat with high powerful audio. They are one of the best headphones for jogging for the athletes, and it proved to be the best workout partner for them.


The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are the pair of headphones, which are waterproof and sweat proof with a long-lasting battery life of continuous eight hours and this makes the athletes exercise without any interruption. They\ technology used in the headphones helps the athletes to hear the surroundings, and they are proved to be safer even in the nights. These headphones are stable and fit comfortably for different levels of exercises performed by the users in various environments.


  • Waterproof functionality: These Bluetooth headphones are waterproof, and this helps the athletes to prefer them because of the sweat during the different kinds of exercises.
  • Tracking system for levels of battery: The users can quickly check the level of the battery in the headphones so that they can charge them accordingly before they start the workouts.
  • High Durability: This headphone pair is highly durable, and they are protected against the dust and moisture, and the Nano coating used them more reliable.


  • The issue with the power button: The biggest disadvantage of the system is the power button which is rigid, and it does the user use it in a harder way.
  • The weak mic on the headphones: The mic system present in the headphones is not durable, and it makes the user involved to attend the calls and reply to them.

Final Comment

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones are one of the best wireless headphones available with a decent battery life and the durable design. It is a set of affordable speakers for the athletes who are prone to more sweat, and the safety of the user is more.

10. Skullcandy Method Sweat-Resistant Sports Earbud

Skullcandy Method In-Ear sweat-resistant Sports Earbud is a pair of wired earphones which are comfortable and secured highly due to the technology used in it. They are one of the earphones for the users, and they proved to be the best sweat-resistant earphones among the existing ones.

The Skullcandy Method In-Ear sweat-resistant Sports Earbud are the pair of earbuds, which are sealed with the protecting elements that help in saving from the moisture which destroys the earbuds. The technology used in the earphones helps the users to hear the audio with high powerful bass, and they are proved to be more safe with the excellent sound. These earphones are made of high precision and fit comfortably for different kinds of people using them in various environments.


  • Light Weight: These earbuds are of a very light weight that makes the user use them with ease and less strain on the ears.
  • Volume Control: The volume control of the earphones is high which helps the user to avoid the large amounts that may cause the problem in his/her ears.
  • Strong safety of earbuds: This earphone pair is profoundly safer, and they are protected due to the off-axis and gels used in the earbuds to protect the user from them.


  • Lacking Treble: The biggest disadvantage of the earphone system is the absence of the treble, and this reduces the quality of the sound to an extent.
  • Low-quality Amplifier: The amplifier system present in the earphones is not of supreme quality, and this makes the noise to get amplified without suppressing it.

Final Comment

The Skullcandy Method In-Ear sweat-resistant Sports Earbud is one of the best pairs of earphones available with a decent battery life and the durable design. It is a set of affordable earbuds for the athletes and other users who are prone to use it in different environments.

11. RIF6 Eargo Bluetooth Earbuds for Running

The RIF6 Eargo Wireless Headphones are one the most popular wireless sweat-proof headphones that provide you with the most comfortable fit. These Bluetooth headphones provide you with excellent sound and noise isolation while you work out.

The Eargo comes with a built-in mic and voice control so that you can access your calls without having to go to your phone. They provide a very fast charging time of just 2 hours, so you never have to wait too long for them to charge. Eargo is super light-weight and is designed to move with you, never letting you realize that you’re using a pair of headphones. They are very comfortable to wear and comes with a range of sizes of anchors and ear tips so you can mix and match them for the perfect fit.


  • Excellent Signal: Eargo provides you with continuous connection with your device and does not crack or buzz if away from your phone.
  • High-Quality Audio: With echo-cancellation and AptX support, the Eargo provides the best sound quality you can expect from a workout earphone.
  • Fit: Multiple ear tips and anchors give you a personalized fit.
  • Quick Charge: Perhaps the best feature is the quick charge, you are never down for too long and don’t have to wait forever for them to charge.


  • The cord: The cord can get confusing for a few people as deciding if it should be kept on the back of the neck or dangling in front is a choice.
  • No low battery warning: The headphones do not warn before dying due to battery exhaustion.

Final Comment

The RIF6 Eargo is easily the best headphones for working out. With the quick charge, great quality sound, splendid reach and customizable sizes, there’s nothing that should keep you from buying one of these. If you can put up with being confused about how to wear them, these are just perfect.

12. Yurbuds (CE) Inspire 100 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones

The headphones are good and worth the price. It is stable in the ears and designed to suit vigorous exercise even. Sweat proof feature makes it comfortable to use during heavy exercise or in places with a hot climate. You can be cautious about your environment as it lets you be safe and secure allowing little disturbance free sounds from the environment to come in.

It is very comfortable to use. Good sound quality. Attend all the important calls without any noise. It is sweat-resistant and provides clean and free of infection feel. It has many features. The ear buds are stable and in position even during heavy exercise. Be cautious about surrounding happenings as well as having a noise free feel.


  • Infection free and Sweat Resistance: It is sweat-resistant and fits well into the ears. It does not lead to any damage to the ears or any infection. It is safe to use and cause no harm to the eardrums.
  • Affordable Price: It is cheaper in comparison to other earbuds with such features. One can easily afford it. It is worth the price as it has got many amazing features.
  • No shaking: It will not come out of the ears as it fits well. No need to adjust it all the time while using.
  • Cable: The cable does not get entangled so quickly and has advanced detangling features. So you need not detangle it every time before using.
  • Sound: It has amazing sound quality. It enables you to have amazing sound quality and no need to play the audio on music systems. It has powerful bass.


  • No pause: This feature is one of the disadvantages. One cannot pause the audio or mute it.
  • Clarity: The sound quality is good, but it lacks clarity. So it may interfere with important calls in understanding correctly.
  • No Bluetooth: One cannot connect the call and audio through Bluetooth. Wires that are a bit messy while work becomes difficult to handle and entangle easily.

Final Comment

Yurbuds (CE) Inspire 100 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones are a nice product, but it also has few demerits also that the sound clarity is poor. It is otherwise a good product to use. It is sweat resistant and worth the price.

Headphones make life easier as we can listen to music wherever and wherever. For working out though you need to choose the best workout headphones 2017.

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