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Top 14 Best Bluetooth Earbuds for 2018

These Best Bluetooth Earbuds have changed the whole listening game. One could make a good use of them while driving, cooking, playing, and working out, etc., the list surely is endless. Of course, saving oneself from kinking the neck while talking on the phone seems to be a significant advantage, but these Bluetooth Headphones mean a much more major business than that.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2017

Mistakes are not uncommon, and while making this investment one might wonder which earbud to go for considering the options in the market. The first thing that one should look out for is Size and Fit of the device, it must provide an extended wear comfort with a silicon tip material and should be light weight.

The wearing style can be around or in-ear depending upon buyer’s comfort. After which one must check for the audio performance of the Earbud, the overall sound quality and loudness can be checked by regular wearing and testing.

The noise isolation score should also be high to provide a hassle-free listening experience. Next thing that the buyer must collect enough information on should be a battery and connectivity of the device. It should give a long battery life provided lesser time to charge. Plus the greater the Bluetooth range, better the device, since connectivity is the primary most requirements of a Bluetooth. Check out our latest post on Most Comfortable Headphones for some excellent along with Best Earbuds Under 100.

Best Bluetooth Earbuds Review Score (Out of 10)
Phaiser BHS-730
(Editor’s Choice)
TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds 9.8
Jaybird X2
[Personal Favorite]
Forone Bluetooth Earbuds 9.5
Phaiser BHS-530
[Best for Runners]
Taotronics Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds 9.5
Klipsch R6 9.2
JLab Audio Epic2 9.1
Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 8.7
Mpow Cheetah
(Best Seller Bluetooth Earbuds)

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Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews

Apart from these technicalities, one should also look for sweat and water resistance, impact and shock resistance to having safe usage in the future.On checking it all, you just have to choose the color and collect the warranty of the device. Now, you are ready to sport your trendy and efficient Bluetooth Earbuds.

1. Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Sport Headphone

This all new wireless Bluetooth sports headphone comes with power packed sound Quality and is a fantastic product offered by the famous company Phaiser. The overall design of the headphone is so innovative and creative that one would not be able to resist buying this excellent product. Talking more about the design, These wireless earbuds have magnets installed in each ear bud that wipes away, which makes it the best bluetooth earbuds for running. The problem every headphone user had to face till now of arranging up the to and fro Moving wires. Plus it is compatible with every Bluetooth device as well.

The artistic design of the new BHS-730 is not that of any standard headphone. They are equipped with a patented winged earphone tip design that stays close even when you are working out. One can use them with ease while doing their regular exercise or play their favorite sport without even having to worry about the wiring or connectivity issue. It is equipped with 8-millimeter speakers and comes packed with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version. The high Definition sound quality given by this brilliant product is worth hearing. As well as the headset is compatible with any Bluetooth device, be it your laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. Along with everything, on a full charge of the rechargeable battery, it gives a continuous playback of 4-5 hours.


  •  Magnetic Earbuds: The magnetic ear buds help the user to save time as one need not manage the wires.
  •  With the 8.1-millimeter speakers installed the ultra-quality of sound produced by this headphone is beyond comparing.
  •  The best part about this headphone is that it is easily paired with any electronic device via Bluetooth.
  •  Design and battery life: The headphone is equipped with a winged earphone tip design that does not come out of your ear after every next set of exercise that you start in your daily gym. Also with the microphone installed.


  •  No Automatic Option: The user cannot automatically pick up the calls and thus needs to press the call button to receive the calls.
  •  For the users who spend most of their time listening to their earphones, they might face a bit of an issue in this area.

One can also pick up calls directly from the headphones with the dedicated call button on the earphone. Coming to the battery section, it charges in about 2 hours and gives the playback time of 4-5 Hours.

Final Verdict

BHS-370 is a very cool gadget that every gadget freak, as well as the regular people, can style up with. For the people who are exhausted of solving the tangled wires every time they take them out of their pocket, then this is the savior for all of you. This is totally worth buying for the unbeatable design and quality.

2. Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Jaybird X3 is by now the most popular sweat resistant Bluetooth headphones. With their small but compact design and lithium ion battery upgrade that gives you the possibility to listen to your favorite music more than eight hours at moderate volume levels. Fins that secure buds in your ears are redesigned and they also include a clip so that you could attach it on your t-shirt. Comfortable ear tips are made of foam and silicone which makes them comfortable, tight and with maximizing sound quality.

With these best bluetooth earbuds, you also get a charging accessory that connects to USB cable, that is protected by inline remote. Even though people always lose this part because of intensive exercises, this model is protected. If you want to enjoy your favorite music while exercising, The Jaybird X3 is the perfect choice for you & also check most comfortable earbuds.


  • This Bluetooth ear buds offer you a full day of music because they allow you to use them eight hours between charges.
  • It is reduced 34% compared to previous version (X2). Perfect for sports where you have to wear a helmet.
  • Hydrophobic Nano coating allows them to be waterproofed and safeguarded against sweat and rain showers during exercise. You can finally use them with confidence.
  • You have the possibility to personalize sound settings and they are compatible with any music or mobile device. They come with the Jaybird MySound application where you can create a sound profile.
  • You can wear Jaybird X3 Sports Bluetooth Headphones in every position available, ear over the ear, from the back of your neck. Their comfort provides you with security during intensive exercise when you have to move quickly.


  •  Compact design that could be used on every possible occasion
  •  Battery life can last more than eight hours, which is far better than previous version (X2)
  •  In-ear Bluetooth headphone that makes perfect sounds that could be controlled through app
  •  They are resistant to sweat and they come with a protective carrying pouch that could be attached to your pocket.


  •  If you lose charge accessory you will have no way to charge them
  •  They don’t have proper noise isolation that is very important for runners.

3. TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds (Best Bluetooth Earbuds Under 50)

TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds is a unique best in class headphones developed by TaoTronics Company. The company has designed these earphones especially for people who are involved in sports activities. You can enjoy motivational songs with crystal clear sound quality. The earbuds are not only good by sound but have an attractive look too. Features like noise cancellation add up to its optimum sound experience. It’s over the ear design ensures you to give a seamless audio experience. It’s an improvement over existing headphones.

TaoTronics Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones provide the quality of sound in HD to the listener. What makes it provide such an amazing sound clarity is its Ergonomically Designed Ear Hooks and cutting edge sound technology that not only provides comfort to the listener but also enhances sound performance. TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds are rough and tough as these consist of nano-coating that provides protection against water and sudden fall and break. TaoTronics Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones have wireless connectivity feature as it has Bluetooth connectivity. With its wireless Bluetooth connectivity feature, it’s very easy to play music through smartphones and tablets anytime.


  •  HD Sound Quality: The users can enjoy High Definition 4K quality sound after purchasing.
  •  Stylish and Supercool design: TaoTronics are available in black color, such an elegant color makes it look stylish and cool.


  •  TaoTronics consist of small length cable. Moreover, shortness of cable is felt more intensified during sports activities.
  •  Tight: As according to users’ review TaoTronics are a tight headphone and creates irritation for the user during exercise.

Final Comment

TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds are innovatively and specially designed for sports people. It features sweat proof that provides HD-quality audio experience to listeners during sports activities, manufactured by TaoTronics Company. Moreover, its best in price features and attractive looks tempt the buyers to buy it.

4. SoundPEATS Q800 Bluetooth Headphones

You just have to plug them in and you will feel the immediate difference than other headphones. This set of best Bluetooth earbuds with a pleasant built-in voice that reports you battery level and call settings.  Great sound quality will provide a mixture of different sensation during your first try. Bass is pretty clear and treble is great. This is a perfect set of earbuds for a bass lover because it makes bass feel like a pulse but with additional distortion.

Battery life is still one of the greatest features on SoundPEATS Q800, however, you can add a separate battery that could be shared through your cell phone but that could last only for few hours. When we talk about manufacturing this is great headset because it can maintain a Bluetooth connection even during the intensive exercise.


  • These particular headphones have the magnetic EZ lock design, which is better when you are not using it. Just keep it on your neckband and you will never feel the worry about wires around your neck.
  • They are made of memory alloy which is specially made for carrying for additional comfort.
  • You can connect them to two devices at the same time, and they have the possibility to automatically connect after first successful pair.
  • They are made by adopted CVC noise cancellation technology that brings you clear HD stereo sound with a perfect Bluetooth signal that connects automatically to the familiar device. They are compatible with Android and iPhone cell phones.
  • Battery lasts for more than 10 hours of music, or talk, of course, playtime always depends on what you listen and how long. The battery can sustain more than 250 hours of standby time and only two hours of charging.
  • They are made by super lightweight design, which means that you will feel nothing during exercise.
  • There are control buttons in front of neckband which is very easy to control. You have the possibility to control calls and music easily through Bluetooth headset.


  •  Great bass performance that will amaze deep bass lovers
  •  Additional EQ settings that could be connected to your mobile device
  •  Beautiful design that could fit and not bother


  •  They could skip an audio during the intensive running
  •  Retaining magnets could be a little stronger because an accident could know one of the buds loose.

5. Forone Bluetooth Earbuds

This is the best bluetooth earbuds for working out with all new waterproof technology is the new beast in the market up for sale. The gadget provides high definition sound that is pleasing to the ears. Firmly designed ear hooks give the user the comfort that is required during usage of any standard headphone. The design of this headset is quite fascinating, and the device, comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version to make the problematic issue of connectivity never come in between.

The wireless headphone has a unique design that provides comfort to the user because of its flexible ear hooks. The sound quality that this headphone gives out is phenomenal and is worth trying for. The buds are protected with liquid nana that helps survive the sweaty workouts and helps remaining sweat free. The earbuds are easy to operate and are easily compatible with the mobile phones, tablets, etc.


  •  The flexible design of headphone does not pain the ear when used for a longer period.
  •  Handy to use: With the dedicated keys on the headphone user can turn the volume up or down, can receive calls directly by pressing the dedicated call button, thus making no interruption while you are busy at one or the other thing.
  •  Waterproof: The IPX6 technology keeps the moisture away from this fantastic gadget, thus providing the user a sweat free experience while they perform their daily routine workouts or perform some rigorous activity.


  •  Battery Issue: The battery backup of the headphone is not up to the level. The user will certainly face the problem of playback time of the headphone.

Final Comment

FORONE Bluetooth ear bud is certainly a gadget worth buying for all the fitness freaks out there that require for the limited time of their workout. For the people who are freaky about trying new gadgets, should surely buy this one, to others, it is not totally recommendable.

6. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headsets

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Earbuds are sportswear, which consists of attractive feature like sweat proof design. Further, these are the 3rd generation best headsets manufactured by Phaiser Company. Moreover, it includes a noise cancellation and noise isolating features which provide super clarity to the listener. It is probably the best bluetooth earbuds for runners and its cool.

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headset is rough and tough. Phaiser BHS-530 is a sweat proof headphone. Also, these have Bluetooth connectivity to add up to listeners’ convenience.


  •  Flexibility: Phaiser BHS-530 is very flexible. Also, these are adjustable according to users’ convenience. Users can adjust these, during sports activities.
  •  Bass: Phaiser BHS-530 comes with an extra bass feature that provides soul shaking experience to the listener.
  •  Phaiser BHS-530 are wireless and have Bluetooth connectivity. With its 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity users can enjoy HD quality sound experience anytime & anywhere.


  •  Care and protection: Although Phaiser BHS-530 are, regarded as Best Sports Earbuds, proper care must be taken when users use them.
  •  There is no automatic feature in it. The user needs to operate it manually.

Final Comment

Phaiser BHS-530 is a Great sweat-proof earbud with 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity feature. These headphones are specially designed for people engaged in sports activities i.e. sports enthusiasts. It’s best in class features, and attractive design helps in stealing customers’ attraction to buy it.

7. Taotronics Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds

Focusing exclusively on miniature accessories and electronics, Taotronics has been successfully operating globally while leading the market of consumer integrated circuitry. Recently, Taotronics has introduced the highly popular and intensively advanced wireless Bluetooth device. Taotronics provide the technology offering to multitask while elevating productivity and aiding the daily routines. Besides magnifying the productiveness, this Bluetooth headphone bridges the connection between mobile phone and an ear. Also Check Earbuds with Mic.

Taotronics Bluetooth device holds revolutionary features. It is available in different sizes of ear hooks as well as ear-tips, basically in three which facilitates easy usage. It is not only impervious to sweat avoiding the changes of getting damaged but is also lightweight which provides ease in handling. Painless transporting is also ensured by magnet earbuds made up of an exceptional style and contoured body.

The most thrilling feature is it being a calm, quiet and noiseless gadget which has ‘ CVC 6.0 noise cancellation’ preventing the noise from interrupting and bestowing transparent audio quality. The demand constant strong signal coverage is fulfilled by incorporating a microphone. One can use the device without worrying about the battery getting low as it includes wonderful battery shell and gets charged quickly.


  •  The key points which can pull consumers towards this Bluetooth Earphones is its battery durability, sweat resistance, ceramic antenna, design structure and quality of being noiseless, which makes it best bluetooth earbuds for working out.


  •  Battery: The battery will fail if the usage is heavy.
  •  Expensive: When compared with other brands, it seems to be quite expensive.

Final comment

It is a perfect option for those who prefer weightless, soundproof and durable gadgets which are efficient at multitasking. Relatively long battery life will attract people engaged in sorts or corporate world.

8. MEE audio X6 Plus Stereo Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

They are made to be your perfect training companion. Mee audio X6 Plus Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones are locked in one place, so you are free from any type of wires. That immediately gives you a freedom of movement that is very importing during workout period. Lab tested water resistance makes these headphones very valuable asset. When we talk about the sound it is important to know that basses are perfect.

They are deep enough, but not as hard as they should be. The parallel between trebles and basses are the same, so that makes this best Bluetooth ear plugs a perfect product that you could treat yourself. Sleek and weightless design it eliminates all additional distractions. In the box, you will get micro USB charging cable and four sets of ear tips.


  • These particular headphones incorporate an over-the-ear design and flexible memory wire that changes into your ears. That could provide you with additional comfort and secure fit during any exercise and activity. You just have to adjust them to your routine, and start enjoying.
  • With them, you get a large selection of ear tips that protect you from sliding.
  • The battery has life more than five hours which is a golden middle for these types of headphones.
  • They are made for universal devices, so you can use them whenever you want and need
  • Bluetooth technology brings you different way for exercising with full addition of favorite music. With 4.0technology it gives you clear and deep bass sounds and amazing clarity.
  • Audio quality is great, bass sound is deep but not as hard as they should be, and trebles are soft. However, when you turn the volume up the whole system goes away, so try not to do that.
  • Sweat resistance is an important feature for these types of headphones because mostly those who use them exercise with them, so in this way, they are protected from water and sweat.


  •  The sound is well balanced and that makes them a great tool for your everyday activities.
  •  Over-ear cables are adjusting to your ear shape.
  •  They come with several ear tips.
  •  Battery lasts for more than five hours


  •  When you use them often they could become uncomfortable

9. Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

It seemed impossible to find perfect, waterproofed, and what most important, secure, best Bluetooth Earbuds is. Now, your problem is gone, because with Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds you can achieve what no one did before you, run and listen to your favorite music. We can say thanks to a Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and different antenna design. They have the built-in control that gives you access to your music from your phone. This functional design breaks the possibility for breaking. You just engage your phone, and the problem is solved.

You can turn them on and off, change the volume, and answer calls. These particular earbuds are great for traveling because of their compact design and long-lasting rechargeable battery. For one hour of charging you get six hours of listening to them. Isn’t that amazing? These portable earbuds can become your greatest asset in future training activities.


  • Great sound quality with advanced APTX sound and Bluetooth 4.0 technology that gives you amazing acoustics along with deep bass.
  • They are very comfortable and made with a unique design where the ear hooks from around your ears so that you don’t have to adjust them frequently. They are made to stay in place and not to move at all.
  • The battery can last more than six hours and it charges in unbelievable one hour.
  • Waterproofed and sweat proof so they are ideal for sports such as jogging, running, cycling, working out, however, you can use them on other occasions such as watching movies and listening to music.
  • Comfortable and secure fit because they are specifically engineered to endure physical activities. They contain flexible ear hooks, so that will stay attached to your ears while they maintain a shape.
  • They contain a thin layer of Liquipel that protects them from moisture. At least you can sweat without worries.


  • The long-lasting battery that could provide you with six hours of constant playing and more than 300 hours of standby battery life.
  • Sweat proof is important because you have to achieve full comfort while working out, without thinking of trivial things.
  • Sound quality is perfect because it contains Bluetooth 4.0 technology that gives boost to bass


  • These particular headsets doesn’t contain great microphone

10. Klipsch R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Klipsch R6 have one of the best designs which can be offered in Bluetooth headphones.It comes with a comfortable fitting which enables the user to wear it behind the neck as well as below the chin. They have a stylish look and come in the all-time classy black color.

Klipsch R6 have a design which loops over your ear, which provides a perfect fit. It comes with a remote which has one central button as well as two volume buttons. The mic can also be controlled through this button. Klipsch R6 come with four pairs of silicone tips in different sizes. One of the headphone tips which is provided by the Klipsch R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones is the flange style tip.


  •  Performance: It provide a very powerful performance with the best quality bass you can get. The audio performance of these headphones is pretty good as voice clarity is there to the utmost level.
  •  Fitting: The fitting of the headphones, is perfect and it does not provide any discomfort whatsoever for the user. The looped design provides a very, comfortable fit and thus the position of the headphones can be changed over the chin and behind the head. Both these positions are extremely comfortable to use.
  •  Battery Life: The battery life of the Klipsch R6 is 8 hours. It, of course, depends upon the volume of the sound, but eight hours is still a very high battery life for a Bluetooth headphone.


  •  Remote Control: As the buttons for volume and for changing the song is same a lot of misfiring takes places. Users tend to skip the sound while trying to increase or decrease the volume of the song.

Final Comment

The Klipsch R6 Bluetooth Earphones provide amazing bass and except for the remote control, these headphones are one of the best earbuds in this category.

11. JLab Audio Epic2 (Bluetooth Earbuds Waterproof) 

JLab Epic2 Earbuds are sporty earbuds developed by well renowned JLab Audio Company. These earbuds were specially developed for sports purpose. To enhance its features, these earbuds consists of high definition sound quality. Moreover, its innovative design and Bluetooth connectivity add up to its attractiveness. JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds also consists of noise isolating feature which prevents disturbing, unwanted sounds from the outside environment from disturbing the user. JLab Audio Wireless Earbuds are supported in all devices like iPhones and iPods.

JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds consist of many features one such feature that can be stated is crystal clear HD sound quality. It provide a clear and full range sound, rich bass & 4K HD clarity. Further, it consists of surround sound feature and wireless Bluetooth connectivity which enables the user to enjoy music, attend calls through smartphones and devices anytime.


  •  Sound Isolating: JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds are innovatively designed sports earbuds a and comes with noise-isolating feature which, prevents disturbing unwanted sounds from the outside environment from disturbing the user.
  •  JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds deliver best in class crystal clear high-definition audio quality.
  •  JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds have a 3D sound feature that makes the user feel that he or she is physically living that music experience.


  •  Manual Operation: Manual operating is the main con of these earbuds, as there’s no automatic controlling feature present in it.
  •  Earbuds can be stolen: Users need to take care of JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds, as these earbuds are detachable.

Final Comment

JLab Audio Wireless Sports Earbuds is regarded as best in class superior quality sports headphones, particularly a revolution in the music technology world. Moreover, its versatility makes it a table turning innovation in the headphones world.

12. Sony SBH70BK Headphones

If you want to enjoy your favorite exercises with Bluetooth headsets Sony SBH70BK headphones are the perfect product for you. These best Bluetooth earbuds produce clear sound with thin treble and deep, heavy bass at its medium levels. When you add the volume to the maximum bass quality opens up and give you power over mids and trebles. Controls are located on the neckband along the wires and it contains only four buttons: volume up and down, and play/pause. It is easy to connect them through micro USB port; however, you have to be careful because it could break easily.

They are comfortable and way better than the previous version because they don’t have in-line controls that could mess up as you run. The earbuds are not going to fall off easily; however, you can still hear the surrounding sound so they protect you while running.


  • They are water resistant which makes them a perfect partner for everyday exercises during intensive sweating periods. This is important because lots of headphones don’t have waterproofed mark, and that is the main issue that leads to broken ear buds.
  • With HD voice and 14 mm dynamic speaker, you can get both powerful voice and music in one headphone system.  Sony SBH70BK has ECM microphone that has HD possibilities.
  • They contain vibration sensors that will give you an alert when you get your battery empty.
  • With a standby time of more than 500 hours, and talk time more than 8 hours, the battery is way better than similar products within similar price range. The battery has 125mAh and it can stream up to six hours.
  • They are computable with Bluetooth headset profile v1.2 and also hands-free profile v1.6. Also, they include Advanced Audio Distribution profile and Audio/Video remote controller.
  • They are designed with special care using smart memory metal for full protection and additional comfort.
  • Ear couplings have vented acoustical design so that you could wear them without noticing.


  •  There are vibrations and beeping sounds that allow you understand when the battery is empty.
  •  Great and suitable bass even when you turn volume up.
  •  The battery is strong and durable and it could last more than eight hours.
  •  Bluetooth pairing is instant and it doesn’t require any additional hoops.


  •  There is no outside isolation of sounds, so in very noisy places you are going to hear combined sounds
  •  The micro USB port is not durable, so you have to be careful because it could fall off and cause you problems.
  •  They are very flexible so they don’t produce any additional amount of tension. They could distract you while running.

13. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2

When it comes to headphones, Skullcandy does not disappoint you as this is one of the Best Earbuds by Skullcandy. The striking feature of this headphone is the detachable neck band which it comes with. It is referred to as flex collar by Skullcandy. These headphones are available in trendy colors like black and red, black and chrome and also white. These are Bluetooth headphones, which offer quality at a pretty reasonable price.

The Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 come with a small clip which helps to avoid cable, slack so your headphone fit is secure. The Earbuds come with two extra year tips in small and medium sizes. These are also perfect for using as a microphone. The headphone provides controls like volume buttons, and also call handling facilities. The mic of these earbuds, is pretty powerful and thus this headphone can definitely be used for calling purposes making it one of the Best bluetooth earbuds with mic. The battery life of these In-ear headphones is estimated to be six hours, but it depends on how loud you play the music.


  •  Performance: The performance of these headphones is really very nice. The voice, clarity is perfect and the sound does not crack even if the music is being played at a high volume.
  •  Comfortable Fit: It fits perfectly and mold according to the shape of your head. The fit of the headphones is comfortable with detachable cables.


  •  Poor Bass: The bass is not as expected. For songs which feature more bass, the impact of, the bass is, not quite the same and other sounds are mixed with the same.

Final Comment

These Bluetooth Earbuds overall are a decent pair with amazing features and fine quality. It definitely provide you with everything which is expected from the Best Bluetooth Earbuds and also much more.

14. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headset

Today’s generation is customarily addicted to songs while remaining updated to new technology. Mpow Cheetah has launched a new device for people who have involved music in every chore of their lives. Mpow Cheetah 4.1 wireless Bluetooth headphones are freshly introduced, technologically upgraded and advanced as well as entertaining. This can be used for listening to music and attending phone calls without using hands and by a mere clicking a button. Productivity gets amazingly, increased and workouts become fun.

Mpow Cheetah are waterproof which does not let sweat penetrate into the headphones. They are available in the market in four various fits so that one can choose the size which suits him. Besides being obtainable in different dimensions, it also offers a wide variety of colors. When boys can go for blue, black and green, girls can buy their age long favorite pink or bright yellow. It has a plastic body containing two ear rubber tips which can be wrapped around the neck comfortably. The unique feature is the quick responding control keys containing LED, volume keys and other controls. It is also characterized by good battery life and volume. This gadget is a soundproof one.


  •  Affordable: Mpow Cheetah are not only affordable but also fit around the neck pleasantly.
  •  Variety and attractions: It’s colorful variety and control keys attract the consumers.
  •  Sweat Resistant: Imperviousness to the sweat is also noteworthy.


  •  Low Volume: Volume of the device is relatively low when compared to other devices.
  •  Non-durable battery: Battery is also not that durable.

Final comment

If a person is detached from a louder environment and can deal with complex operating systems, then one can go for this device. If a charging point is not accessible, then it is not an option. It is affordable but lacks excellent battery shell.

Why Should you Buy a Bluetooth Earbuds?

Good riddance from cables, this cordless technology makes sure ultimate mobility, where one can move without the restricted boundary of cables and can easily employ one’s hands to other productive uses.

They are sophisticated yet budget friendly, no doubt about the fact that these Earbuds look very fashionable and can easily attract anyone’s attention with their sleek and stylish looks. They are designed in various ways to cater all kinds of occasions. They may come firm and bold for the ones who work out and run long distances, and they also appear sleek for the people who use it in social settings.

On knowing this, one might worry about getting a hole in one’s pocket while buying it, but they avail themselves for as low as $70. For the devices which are not Bluetooth compatible, it comes with a Bluetooth transmitter.Another feature that goes for this technology is their sound isolation feature and bass-booting technology that enables one to get a great experience of music by enhancing every single beat.

Final verdict:

It doesn’t matter if you like to jog, hike or run; you don’t have to do it alone in quiet. It became boring to walk or exercise without any additional sounds. In the gym there is music, but on the outside, you have to be creative. Today, you don’t have to worry anymore. With these types of headphones, you can enjoy every time you go out. They are also perfect for other occasions; however, their main feature is that they are sweatproof. That means that you can use them always and in all kinds of occasion. Be prepared, listen and run. So, guys, this was our list of Great Bluetooth Earbuds and make sure you share this with your friends on Facebook.


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